Scratch & Dent or Obsolete Inventory

Scratch and Dent or Obsolete Inventory

Sometimes we have obsolete inventory. What does that mean? Once in a while we make changes to the designs on our stock boards. This could be something like add shaded columns, etc. When we do and we have only one or two of the old design left in stock we can't sell them any longer.

One of a kind items. These can include an order that ships to us from a vendor instead of being drop shipped to the customer. It's easier for us to put that item on sale and sell it from here vs. sending it back to the vendor for credit. One of a kind items can also be samples. Products that we've ordered for evaluation that we choose not to use but are still great items.

Scratch and Dent are items that may have minor imperfections in them like a small dent or scratch. Our quality control team will pull these items from the line and they end up here. Other than this minor imperfection or defect the majority of the board is fine. Of course any items with major errors are taken apart and recycled when possible.

Errors are items that we made a mistake on. Like the design that we use for a magnetic calendar vs. a non-magnetic calendar differ. Every once in a while the factory will mix them up. The board is 100% fine but it has the wrong design so we can't sell it.

We will try our best to give you the most information possible on every item listed on the page. Limited quantities. Sold on a first come - first serve basis. All sales are final.

Category Contents
Closeout Small Magnetic Whiteboards
24" x 18" Closeout Magnetic Whiteboards
Limited Quantities - Order Today!
Made in the U.S.A.
Price $24.95
4 x 6 Non-Magnetic Whiteboard
4' x 6' Non-Magnetic Melamine Whiteboard No Marker Tray
Price $99.00
RitePlus Magnetic Whiteboard Seconds
4' x 5' RitePlus Magnetic Whiteboards with Low Profile.
Price $129.95
4 x 6 Magnetic Whiteboard
4' x 6' Magnetic Porcelain Steel Whiteboard with No Tray
Price $149.95
2' Wide Dry Erase Decal
Limited Quantities!
24" Wide Strong peel-n-stick self adhesive backing.
Price $4.95
Obsolete Non-Magnetic Three Month Calendar
4' x 6' Non-Magnetic Receptive Three Month Calendar
Price $199.95
Obsolete Non-Magnetic Twelve Month Calendar
4' x 8' Twelve Month Non-Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Calendar
Price $199.95
Music Staff Whiteboard
4' x 6' Magnetic Music Staff Board Single Music Staff
Price $299.95
Dry Erase Easel Pads
Discontinued Item
4 Pads / Carton - 10 Sheets / Pad
Price $50.00