5' Great White™ Signature Series™ Dry Erase Boards

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5' Tall Great White Dry Erase Boards
5' Tall Great White Dry Erase Boards5' Tall Great White Dry Erase Boards5' Tall Great White Dry Erase Boards

Introducing our new Great White™ Signature Series™, extra large 5' tall dry erase whiteboards.

We've always felt that functionally speaking a 5 foot tall dry erase board is the most whiteboard anyone could ever need. When one of our Great White Signature Series 5' boards is mounted with the marker tray being hip-high, the top of the writing surface extends up beyond 7' from the floor or in other words as tall as a 6' person can reasonably reach.

We went out and found a substrate that greatly reduces the weight of the board while actually adding to their strength. Signature Series dry erase boards are almost 50% lighter than traditional 5' board while being considerably stronger. This new design is now available in the most popular sizes from 5' x 4' up to 5' x 12' and each handcrafted board is ready to ship out in days.

All boards feature satin anodized aluminium trim and matching full length, deep marker tray. The dry erase writing surface is the Poly-Vision e3 porcelain enamel dry erase with it's 50 year surface warranty that will never ghost or stain. The substrate is an advanced corrugated Polypropylene that is classified as a class A Interior Wall & ceiling finish from the National Fire Safety Association Code 101.

Made in the USA 50 Year warranty on the writing surface. Magnetic whiteboard.
*50 year manufacturer's warranty on porcelain steel writing surface.

Board Size (Height x Width) Shipping
GR-GW-504 5' x 4' Magnetic Great White Board Truck 45 lbs.
GR-GW-506 5' x 6' Magnetic Great White Board Truck 62 lbs.
GR-GW-508 5' x 8' Magnetic Great White Board Truck 79 lbs.
GR-GW-510 5' x 10' Magnetic Great White Board Truck 106 lbs.
GR-GW-512 5' x 12' Magnetic Great White Board Truck 126 lbs.

    Product Features:
  • Polyvision E3 Porcelain enamel writing surface.
  • Magnetic surface works with your favorite magnets and magnetic accessories.
  • Satin anodized aluminum trim and full length marker tray.
  • Advanced substrate 50% lighter than comparable 5' boards.
  • Substrate: Fluted polypropylene copolymer
  • Lead-time typically 5-7 working days.