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Classroom Bulletin Boards Series I
Classroom Bulletin Boards Series I

The IL Series classic classroom combination boards. This is a series of four boards combined into one unit with a full-length marker tray.

A matching aluminum H-Bar application easily and attractively joins the writing and tackable surfaces. You can select from twelve washable vinyl tack board colors and a magnetic white dry erase writing surface.

The I Series combination boards are available in 4 sizes: The writing surface is 36" high. The overall height of the board is 48". The width of the bulletin board above your writing surface is 12" high. The bulletin boards on either side are both 48" tall.

The vinyl covered tack surface is available in 12 different colors. Free Samples are always available. Contact customer service for assistance.

Custom configurations also available through customer service.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
MI-IL-408-K2-02Overall CottonTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-03Overall Antique WhiteTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-05Overall Pebble BeachTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-06Overall NaturalTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-15Overall Sky BlueTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-16Overall PlatinumTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-17Overall PacificTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-18Overall TurquoiseTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-93Overall Desert ShoreTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-94Overall Winter MistTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-95Overall AtriumTruck64 lbs$407.00
MI-IL-408-K2-97Overall Sea MistTruck64 lbs$407.00
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
MI-IL-410-K2-02Overall CottonTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-03Overall Antique WhiteTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-05Overall Pebble BeachTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-06Overall NaturalTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-15Overall Sky BlueTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-16Overall PlatinumTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-17Overall PacificTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-18Overall TurquoiseTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-93Overall Desert ShoreTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-94Overall Winter MistTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-95Overall AtriumTruck82 lbs$558.00
MI-IL-410-K2-97Overall Sea MistTruck82 lbs$558.00
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
MI-IL-412-K2-02Overall CottonTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-03Overall Antique WhiteTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-05Overall Pebble BeachTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-06Overall NaturalTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-15Overall Sky BlueTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-16Overall PlatinumTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-17Overall PacificTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-18Overall TurquoiseTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-93Overall Desert ShoreTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-94Overall Winter MistTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-95Overall AtriumTruck98 lbs$584.00
MI-IL-412-K2-97Overall Sea MistTruck98 lbs$584.00
Size: 4' Tall x 16' Wide
MI-IL-416-K2-02Overall CottonTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-03Overall Antique WhiteTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-05Overall Pebble BeachTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-06Overall NaturalTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-15Overall Sky BlueTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-16Overall PlatinumTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-17Overall PacificTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-18Overall TurquoiseTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-93Overall Desert ShoreTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-94Overall Winter MistTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-95Overall AtriumTruck130 lbs$839.00
MI-IL-416-K2-97Overall Sea MistTruck130 lbs$839.00

    Product Specifications:
  • OptiMA I Series
  • Overall Sizes: 4' x 8', 4' x 10', 4' x 12' and 4' x 16'
  • Units ship as single units - will they fit in the elevator, hallway, stairwell, etc.
  • Writing Surface Options: Whiteboard Only
  • Writing surface is porcelain steel, magnetic receptive
  • All writing surfaces are 36'' Tall
  • Vinyl tack surface is 12'' Tall
  • Overall unit is 48'' Tall
  • Vinyl covered tack surfaces available in 12 colors
  • 4' x 8' has a 3' x 4' writing surface with a 1' x 4' tack board above and two 4' x 2' on each side
  • 4' x 10' has 3' x 6' writing surface with a 1' x 6' tack board above and two 4' x 2' on each side
  • 4' x 12' has 3' x 8' writing surface with a 1' x 8' tack board above and two 4' x 2' on each side
  • 4' x 16' has 3' x 8' writing surface with a 1' x 8' tack board above and two 4' x 4' on each side
  • Tack surfaces and writing surfaces are separated by an aluminum H-Bar
  • There is a full-length aluminum marker tray
  • Architectural grade 1460 Series satin anodized aluminum trim
  • Custom Made in the U.S.A.
  • Normal lead-time is roughly 10-12 working days
  • These units are custom made to your specifications and cannot be returned
  • If color match is critical may we suggest ordering a free color sample before placing your order
  • School purchase orders accepted
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel acetate, formaldehyde, wood dust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust, use proper PPE For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov