Magnetic Angel Refrigerator Calendar

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Magnetic Angel Refrigerator Calendar
Magnetic Angel Refrigerator CalendarMagnetic Angel Refrigerator CalendarMagnetic Angel Refrigerator CalendarMagnetic Angel Refrigerator Calendar

Bright and colorful 17" Tall x 22" wide magnetic refrigerator calendar has a great dry erase writing surface that won't ghost and erases cleanly every time.

There are enough days on this calendar to fill out a whole month without doubling up on a single day no matter what day of the week the month starts on. Strong flexible magnet sticks securely to any steel surface. Ships complete with a black fine point marker and a large Opti-Wipe™ micro-fiber cleaning and polishing cloth.

We did this bright and cheery design as a custom printed magnetic calendar and we liked it so much we decided to add it to the site. We think that you'll like it too. It's like starting every morning with an Angel on your shoulder.

Model # Description Shipping
GR-C-1722-A 17" x 22" Calendar
with Pink Wiper and Marker

    Product Specifications:
  • Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar
  • 17" Tall x 22" Wide Printed Magnet
  • Heading are printed White on Colored Background
  • Awesome dry erase writing surface
  • Works with damp or dry erase markers
  • Highly resistant to ghosting
  • Strong 20 ml thick magnetic stock
  • Each Day Box is 2.6" High x 3" Wide
  • Ships by UPS in about 2 - 3 days
  • Made in the U.S.A.
    Kit Includes:
  • Black Fine Point Dry Erase Marker
  • Marker Clip with Peel-n-Stick Backing
  • 16" x 16" Pink Opti-Wipe™ cleaning & polishing cloth
    For Best Results:
  • Do not use any cleaning chemicals which contain ammonia. Most glass cleaner contain ammonia.
  • Do not use any type of scrubbing sponges or other abrasive to clean the boards.
  • Note that Expo or other Bristle type erasers may permanently damage the writing surface.
  • We strongly recommend using a soft cloth or our Opti-Wipe™ washable micro-fiber cleaning cloths
  • Use only high quality dry erase or damp erase markers.