Easy-Apply™ Application Kit for Opti-Rite® Materials

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Price: $18.95
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Easy-Apply Application Kit

We suggest that you use our convenient Easy-Apply™ kit to assist in the application of Opti-Rite® Lite, Easy and other dry erase wall covering products.

Specially designed to help make your Opti-Rite® Lite and Easy installations a snap. Installation will go smoother with this handy installation kit from OptiMA Inc.

After installation the Opti-Wipe™ Micro-fiber cleaning cloth will clean and polish your new Opti-Rite® surface without scratching and you have a set of four excellent, chisel tip dry erase markers in red, blue, black and green.

Item Code Description Lead-Time
GR-Easy-App Opti-Rite® Application Kit 1-3 Business Days

    Kit Includes:
  • Set of 4 assorted color dry erase markers.
  • Colored* Opti-Wipe™ dry erase cloth.
  • Large 12" wide applicator squeegee tool.
*Colors of the Opti-Wipe™ may vary from the image shown.
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By Emily Persons
March 3, 2016
Kit not necessary
We got the kit and it was not necessary. As another reviewer stated, the spray bottle is just a typical spray bottle. We did not need it at all. The only thing that was helpful was the felt glider to get out the bubbles. You could probably use your hand with a cloth to do the same thing. I do not recommend purchasing the kid. The supplies needed for installation should be included with the product.
By Vincent Nnadi
February 2, 2016
My children love it!
Bought for my children - ages 7,6,4,2. The 7 and 6 year old helped me to install. Purchased to use as a deterrent for writing on the walls. It worked!
By Justin White
September 28, 2015
Ok product
This is not required but suggested after purchasing a white board products. The bottle is an ordinary spray bottle. The best thing is the squeegee. Not a must, but it does the job for application.
By Christopher Ewing
December 6, 2014
Helpful for large install
I decided to order this kit to help with installing a large roll whiteboard and found everything very helpful. I probably could have done without the spray bottle and used one from around the house, but the squeegee was the perfect size and will not damage the whiteboard material. The microfiber cloth is big, and good quality.
By Dave Hastings
February 15, 2014
"application Kit" not needed - misleading
What you get: An empty spray bottle to fill with water - duh, thinking I could use any old recycled spray bottle. A squeegee type tool with a soft, smooth straight edge - duh, pretty much any "tool" w/ a soft, flat edged would suffice. It\'s the exact same tool you would use for wallpaper to smooth out any wrinkles. A simple damp rag will work too - but better if you had any type of flat edged "tool/wand/board."
Merchant Response:We\'re sorry that you didn\'t think that the kit was worth it, it is true that you can use any spray bottle with water and a drop of dish soap and be fine. We would however caution against using anything with a straight edge like a wallpaper tool that isn\'t soft as it could likely scratch your writing surface.