Opti-Rite® Mag™ - Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering

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Opti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering
Opti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall CoveringOpti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall CoveringOpti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall CoveringOpti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall CoveringOpti-Rite Mag Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering

Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering. Introducing Opti-Rite® Mag™, a flexible, magnetic receptive dry erase wall covering. Another exclusive dry erase product from OptiMA Inc.

Opti-Rite® Mag™ is the latest version of our most popular Opti-Rite® 2. The new Opti-Rite Mag is 48" wide and has a reinforced paper backing vs. the heavy cloth backing on the Opti-Rite 2. A full roll is 75' long.

Opti-Rite Mag has the same magnetic strength as Opti-Rite 2. There is enough magnetic strength to use a variety of light magnetic accessories. Colored magnetic shapes and indicators, data cards and other magnetic accessories work great. The new and improved dry-erase writing surface is bright white and it erases clean. You won't get any ghosting.

For the best results use a professional installer. Opti-Rite® Acrylic Primer and Opti-Rite® Adhesive are both recommended. Both sold separately.

Opti-Rite® is a registered trademark of OptiMA Inc. Opti-Rite® Mag™ is exclusive on MyWhiteboards.com.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
GR-OPTI-MAG-064' x 6' RollUPS10 lbs$138.00
GR-OPTI-MAG-124' x 12' RollUPS17 lbs$275.00
GR-OPTI-MAG-254' x 25' RollUPS33 lbs$570.00
GR-OPTI-MAG-504' x 50' RollUPS66 lbs$1,100.00
GR-OPTI-MAG-754' x 75' RollUPS98 lbs$1,575.00

    Opti-Rite® Mag Features:
  • New Product - Available Now!
  • Flexible dry erase writing surface
  • Paper Backing
  • Light Magnetic Receptive
  • Requires Adhesive. Opti-Rite Adhesive, sold separately
  • An Acrylic Primer is also recommended. Opti-Rite Primer, sold separately
  • Material is 48" Tall and comes in Rolls up to 75' long.
  • Pre-Cut Rolls available from 6' long up to 75' in length
  • Ships rolled up in heavy duty shipping tubes
  • Easy to cut or trim with scissors or razor knife and straight edge
  • Clean with a soft cloth. We recommend Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths
  • If you need a marker tray we recommend The Atlas Marker Tray Kit
  • Avoid pinching or kinking the materials. The crease mark could be permanent
  • A clear wall primer is recommended for best adhesion and to make removal easier
  • Professional installation by a qualified wall paper installer is recommended
  • Stocked and shipped from our Massachusetts warehouse
  • Sold exclusively by OptiMA Inc.
Accessory Items:

Order custom length rolls of Opti-Mag up to 75' in length. 4' Minimum Order.

Price: $22.95

Clay based semi-permanent adhesive covers 250 S.F.
Primer Recommended

Sale Price $29.95
Reg. Price: $39.95

White Acrylic Primer & Sizing. Promotes Easier Stripping
1 Gallon

Sale Price $34.95
Reg. Price: $44.95