Opti-Rite® Ultra™ - Repositionable Self Adhesive Dry Erase

Opti-Rite Ultra

Maybe Our Best Opti-Rite ever... Opti-Rite® Ultra&trade, is a completely redesigned material meant to improve on the very best features of our most popular Opti-Rite products. A new premium self-adhesive flexible dry erase material with improved writing surface and ultra-versatile new adhesive. Our new micro-sphere adhesive sticks stronger and releases better than ever before.

Micro-sphere adhesive is just what it sounds like... it has microscopic balls in it. These balls act to limit surface contact with your wall which when paired in a strong adhesive, creates a very versatile result. What we're left with is a strong stick which applies with ease but peels off with minimal force. This makes for a forgiving installation and removal without damaging your wall. Additionally the adhesive is water-based and acid-free to be even safer for your walls.

This material ships rolled and is sold by the linear foot in either 48 or 60 inches wide. Normally a large premium whiteboard ships in a big box in a freight truck; Opti-Rite ultra ships in 4 or 5 foot wide rolls up to 150 feet long... in a shipping tube. We believe the choice isn't just easy, it's ultra easy.

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