Deluxe Magnetic Receptive Porcelain Chalkboards with Solid Oak Frames

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Magnetic Chalkboards - Oak Frame

Deluxe magnetic receptive porcelain chalkboards with solid oak wood frames. These chalkboards are produced using a magnetic receptive porcelain enameled steel surface and trimmed with a solid oak wood frame and full length solid oak tray.

The top quality materials used in these boards result in the most durable chalkboards available. If you are planning on frequently using your new chalkboard rest easy knowing that this board is guaranteed to write and erase properly. These boards come with a 50 year warranty on the writing surface.

The magnetic receptive chalkboard surface is available in your choice of green or black.

These boards are best suited for moderate to the heaviest use area including classrooms, training rooms or anywhere else you want to use a chalkboard often or for a long time.

Oak Framed Magnetic Chalkboards

Stock # Board Size Ships
WM-203 2' H x 3' W UPS
WM-304 33½" H x 45 ½" W UPS
WM-404 4' H x 4' W Truck
WM-406 4' H x 6' W Truck
WM-408 4' H x 8' W Truck
WM-410 4' H x 10' W Truck
WM-412 4' H x 12' W Truck
WM-416 4' H x 16' W Truck

  • Whiting Surface: Magnetic Porcelain Enamel.
  • Frame: Up to 33½" x 45½" | ½" face trim.
  • Chalk Tray: Up to 33½" x 45½" | 1 1/4" deep full-length.
  • Frame: 4' x 4' and larger | 1" face trim.
  • Chalk tray: 4' x 4' and larger | 2 3/4" deep full-length.
  • Lead time: 10-12 working days to leave the factory.
  • Warranty: 50 Year warranty on writing surface.
  • Proudly made in the USA.