Dry Erase Refrigerator Magnet

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Dry Erase Refrigerator Magnet. Finally a quality dry erase writing surface that sticks right onto your refrigerator door or any magnetic receptive surface.

Now you can leave notes for the kids or the baby sitter. Write down important phone messages or contact numbers, grocery list, chores, honey dew list and more.

Back of the refrigerator dry erase boardThese magnetic refrigerator dry erase prints are 17" tall x 22" wide and fit on most standard, household single door refrigerator doors. Remember that not all refrigerators are magnetic receptive. These dry erase prints are on a strong magnetic sheet so if your refrigerator will accept magnets then these will work for you too.

You can order your refrigerator dry erase print in either a pure white or a really nice gray granite color. Both have a small black trim line around the outside edge and both will work with either damp erase markers or dry erase markers. The strong magnetic backing keeps the writing surface firmly in place.

Each magnetic refrigerator whiteboard print comes with one of our OptiMA wiper kits.Each calendar comes with a set of four dry erase markers in black, blue, green and red. You also get one of our Opti-Wipes™ dry erase cleaning cloth. It safely cleans and polishes your dry erase print at the same time without scratching the writing surface. Finally you also get a set of four magnetic marker rings that slip over the markers so they will stick to your refrigerator too.

Everything ships to you by UPS from our factory in as little as 3-5 business days after you place your order.

Model # Description Shipping
GR-FWB-WH 17" x 22" White UPS 1-3 Business Days
GR-FWB-GR 17" x 22" Granite UPS 1-3 Business Days

*Lead-Time is the amount of time to leave the factory.

Product Specifications
  • 17" Tall x 22" Wide Printed Magnet
  • Awesome dry erase writing surface
  • Writing Surface Resist Ghosting
  • Strong 20 ml thick magnetic stock
  • Your choice of White or Granite
  • Includes a Set of 4 Assorted Dry Erase Markers
  • Includes a Set of 4 Magnetic Marker Rings
  • Includes a Blue Opti-Wipe™ Cleaning & Polishing Cloth
  • Ships by UPS in about 2 - 3 days
  • Made in the U.S.A.