Quality magnetic whiteboards and dry erase boards. Our selection is huge. We know that you'll find exactly what you need for your business or classroom from OptiMA Inc. Dry erase whiteboards, dry erase calendars, music staff whiteboards and full-height dry erase walls.

We have the largest selection of plain and printed student lap boards in the country. Home of Opti-Rite® dry erase writing surfaces and American made Atlas™ and MagTray™ marker trays. We also manufacture and ship direct our Great White™ and RitePlus™ magnetic whiteboards.

We make the most "wicked awesome" custom printed dry erase whiteboards here in our New England factory. Our exclusive Opti-Print™ printed dry erase has a exceptional writing surface over crisp, clear graphics.

Come find out why OptiMA Inc. is one of the top dry erase retailers on the Internet today.

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Great White Magnetic Whiteboards
From Size "203: 2' Tall x 3' W (+$99.95)" "304: 3' Tall x 4' W (+$199.95)" "404: 4' Tall x 4' W (+$249.95)" "405: 4' Tall x 5' W (+$289.95)" "406: 4' Tall x 6' W (+$329.95)" "408: 4' Tall x 8' W (+$419.95)" "410: 4' Tall x 10' W (+$539.95)" "412: 4' Tall x 12' W (+$619.95)"
Reg. Price: $124.95
Opti-Rite Ultra 48 Inch
On Sale Now $18.95
Reg. Price: $24.95
XY Axis Graph Magnet
On Sale Now $99.95
Reg. Price: $129.95
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