RitePlus™ Low Profile Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

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RitePlus Magnetic Dry Erase Boards
RitePlus Magnetic Dry Erase BoardsRitePlus Magnetic Dry Erase BoardsRitePlus Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

RitePlus™ magnetic dry erase boards from OptiMA Inc. Each RitePlus™ low profile board is made with a premium porcelain steel dry erase writing surface that carries a 50 year warranty and it's unsurpassed in workmanship and quality. These highly ghost resistant dry erase boards erase clean and have become one of our best-selling marker boards that are used in classrooms and businesses across the country.

RitePlus™ magnetic dry erase boards are manufactured exclusively for OptiMA Inc. in the U.S.A. Every unit will leave our factory in as little as 3-5 working days from the time you place your order.

The board trim on the RitePlus™ is a very heavy gauge satin anodized aluminum with a 3/4" face and 3/8" depth. The marker tray is 1.25" deep with soft rounded edges for added safety and protection. Each RitePlus™ manufactured dry erase board ships with installation hardware and is individually boxed with heavy foam protective corner guards to help prevent damages during transit.

We think that you will agree that RitePlus™ magnetic dry erase boards are truly one of the best dry erase boards for the money that you'll find on the market. We didn't skimp by using a cheap writing surface or a thin, cheap looking aluminum trim. The corners are mitered and extra care is taken in the manufacturing of each board.

Board Size
(Height x Width)
GR-RITEPLUS-203 2' x 3' 18 lbs. UPS*
GR-RITEPLUS-302 3' x 2' 18 lbs. UPS*
GR-RITEPLUS-304 32" x 45.5" 24 lbs. UPS*
GR-RITEPLUS-403 45.5" x 32" 24 lbs. UPS*
GR-RITEPLUS-404 4' x 4' 42 lbs. Truck
GR-RITEPLUS-405 4' x 5' 52 lbs. Truck
GR-RITEPLUS-406 4' x 6' 61 lbs. Truck
GR-RITEPLUS-408 4' x 8' 80 lbs. Truck

*UPS Dimensional Weights May Apply

  • Writing Surface: Porcelain enamel on steel.
  • Frame Material: Satin anodized aluminum.
  • Tray: Yes - Satin anodized aluminum.
  • Frame Depth: 3/8 Inch.
  • Frame Face: 3/4 Inch.
  • Includes: Installation hardware.
  • Warranty: 50 Years Writing Surface.
  • Stocked and shipped from our Massachusetts warehouse
  • Made in the U.S.A.