marker trays and ledges

Marker Trays and Ledges

OptiMA® offers a full line of aluminum marker trays and ledges including Atlas® wall mounted aluminum marker trays and MagTray® Magnetic Marker Trays. Atlas® Marker Trays and ledges are wall mounted and come in lengths up to 12' as a single section and up to 16' long in two piece units. Atlas® wall mounted aluminum trays and ledges are made of a heavy gauge aluminum and come with your choice of traditional square cut ends or a really handsome angle cut corner. MagTray® magnetic marker trays come in three lengths of 18"", 36"" and a larger 48"". Each tray has a beautiful white or black powder coat finish that is baked onto the surface creating a strong bond and great finish. The super strong magnet covers the full-length of the tray and every tray comes with an angle cut corner for added styling and safety. Mini™ Trays are the perfect little magnetic marker tray. They're just long enough to hold a standard dry erase marker, roughly 5"" but deep enough to hold whatever you need. Move this little mini marker tray wherever you need it on your board.
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  • Atlas® Marker Trays

    Atlas® Marker Trays

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