Dry Erase Board Magnets & Accessories

A bare whiteboard won't attract many eyes. On the other hand, a well-accessorized whiteboard will get a lot of attention. Get noticed with our collection of whiteboard magnetic accessories like dry erase board magnets, marker trays and many more items. We have products for every imaginable whiteboard need.

The accessories we carry at MyWhiteBoards.com for your magnetic dry erase board include an array of items to help you get organized, stay productive and to keep everyone around you in the loop. We have pre-cut colored magnetic strips of various sizes that you can easily write on to help distinguish important notes from the rest of the whiteboard space. Uncommon items like this are what distinguish our collection. But that's not all - we have the magnetic board mainstays that you need to keep a steady supply of. We have items like vinyl chart tape and microfiber wiping cloths to keep your board tidy.

No matter what you're seeking, we have everything you'll want for your whiteboard in our online store. Enjoy our low prices, money-saving deals and excellent customer service by placing an order today. Orders for magnetic accessories are currently shipping from the factory in approximately 5 working days.

Magnetic Accessories

Data Card Holders
Dry Erase Board Magnets
Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips
Pre-cut sizes and full sized rolls of data card holders.
In Stock for Quick Delivery!
Colorful magnetics, magnetic shapes and indicators and more all in stock and ready for quick shipment.
Colorful magnetic strips Pre-cut, Strips and Rolls.
Month, Day, Date, and Number Magnets
3 & 6 Inch Flat Magnetic Letters & Numbers
Magnetic Marker Rings
Flat magnets with 3/4" tall letters and numbers, 1" tall months of the year, days of the week and calendar dates.
3" & 6" Die cut magnetic letters and numbers sold in full sets in six different colors.
Magnetic rings slip over markers and stick to any steel surface.
In Stock!
Insert Headings for Magnetic Card Holders
Magnetic Picture Hangers
Magnetic Strips with Adhesive Backing
Preprinted Insert Heading Sets for Data Card Holders. Headings include days, months and numbers 1-52.
Magnetic picture and accessory hangers for weights up to 50 pounds.
Available in three strengths and various widths. Create your own magnetic accessories on your desk top!
Magtray™ Magnetic Marker Tray
Dry Erase Magnet
Summer Sale!
White 18", 36" or 48" aluminum magnetic accessory tray.
Made in the U.S.A.
On Sale!
Magnetic Dry Erase Writing Surface for Any Steel Surface
Made in the U.S.A.