Dry Erase Grid, Graph & Line Boards

Graph Boards

Select Magnetic dry erase boards with grid lines and graphics like our Polar Coordinate and XY Axis Cartesian Graph boards.

All of the OptiMA Graphic magnet dry erase boards with graphics are excellent tools and visual aids for any school or business office alike. Whiteboards with grid lines, horizontal lines or other graphics make charting or creating your own custom scheduling or communication system boards a snap.

Check this out! Now our 3x4, 4x6 and 4x8 grid boards are available with alternating or variegated rows or columns. This is a light gray shading on every other row or column to help you read across the board easier than ever before. Another OptiMA Innovation & Exclusive!

We also offer dry erase marker boards with horizontal lines printed permanently onto the boards with 1" or 2" spacing between the lines. We offer boards as small as 2' x 3' up to 4' x 8'. You can use these boards for simply writing or you can create your own custom planning or scheduling boards by using Vinyl Chart Tape to make vertical lines that you can change over and over again. These lined boards are also available in either solid white or with variegated rows. Another OptiMA exclusive!

All of the dry erase graphics are permanently imprinted onto magnetic or non-magnetic receptive boards. The printing will not come off. All of the OptiMA made products are created with our exclusive Opti-Print™ method and all are made in the U.S.A.

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