About Us

MyWhiteboards.com has been one of the Internet's premier whiteboard merchants since opening in 2001. This site is one of a handful of niche visual communication websites owned and operated by OptiMA Inc. Our vision is to be the leading provider of unique quality dry erase products; with a focus on integrity, innovation, fair prices and on time deliveries.

The First 10 Years 1987-97:

OptiMA was founded 25 years ago in 1987 by husband and wife team, Doug and Christine Klimavich. Initially, the company was a janitorial supply company until the fateful day that Doug came across a material that would inspire the entire line of Opti-Rite® dry erase products.

Practically overnight, Opti-Rite® was a success. Schools all across America were buying rolls of Opti-Rite® to covert classroom chalkboards to dry erase whiteboards. Opti-Rite was outselling the cleaning supplies by itself, OptiMA had a hit on its hands! Schools and businesses alike all wanted to switch from dusty chalkboards to more efficient dry erase boards and everyone loved Opti-Rite! Doug and Christine always prided themselves in listening to their customers and finding the right products for their needs. In the coming years OptiMA shifted their focus away from custodial supplies and more toward Opti-Rite™ and other quality dry erase products and accessories.

The Next 10 Years 1997-2007:

In 1998 OptiMA Inc opened it's first website, WhiteboardsEtc.com (As a point of historical reference, this is before Google even existed). During this 10 year period of time OptiMA also opened MyWhiteboards.com and the product offerings further expanded to include more dry erase board options, bulletin boards, chalkboards, letter-boards and more. The company focus was now firmly geared towards the educational and business markets. The company grew quickly from a husband and wife team working from their home to a small company that employed upwards of 15 people in two offices and a warehouse location.

2007 & Beyond:

In 2007 OptiMA developed the Opti-Print™ method that creates high quality, full color, custom printed dry erase boards. With this innovation OptiMA opened a new manufacturing facility with more warehouse space and began creating custom printed dry erase boards. At the same time OptiMA was able to create many popular stock graphic boards such as music staff boards, calendars, grid boards, sports boards and more.

As the growth continued, OptiMA moved in January of 2011 to a new 12,000 square foot facility that houses the entire operation under one roof.

That facility didn't hold us very long. In May of 2017, the company moved once again into a 24,000 square foot facility. We have continued to add to our line of innovative dry erase products and office products including our own lines of dry erase boards called RiteOn™, RitePlus™, GreatWhite™ and MagTray™ and Atlas™ marker trays. Our staff now fluctuates somewhere around 35 wonderful people.

OptiMA Inc. & MyWhiteBoards.com - Now:

Doug and Christine are still fixtures at OptiMA Inc. and over the years have instilled the entire company and staff with an ethos of listening to the customer and helping them find the best product for their needs. While the rest of the industry is saying "it's just a whiteboard" as they import cheaper and lower quality products we strive for something more. We believe in creating quality American made products that provide our customers with communication tools they can have pride in; our products work exceptionally well and provide a value and we feel confident knowing that these products are a reflection of OptiMA Inc. as well as our customers.

Thank you for putting your trust in us over the years, how may we help you today?

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