2" Map Rail Accessories

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2 Inch Map and Display rail accessories

2" map rail accessories. Molded aluminum accessories designed to fix exclusively on 2" wide aluminum map and display rails.

These are accessories found in classrooms and businesses around the globe. Everyone has memories of your first classroom with the American flag hanging off the chalk board right? This is how they got mounted.

Accessories include a flag holder, map winders, end plates and combination clip hooks. The flag holder is obvious in it's use. Map winders are used to hold roll up maps that are spring loaded like window shades. The end plates or caps go onto the end of the map rail to give a finished look after any other accessories have been attached to the rail and finally combination clip hooks can be used to hold up things like artwork, flip charts or any other paraphernalia that you want to hang. There is a hook to hang things from and a tension devise on the bottom that will grab hold of the paper or sheet and hold tight.

Model # Description Pack
MI-MR2A-01 Flag Holder 1 / Pack UPS
MI-MR2A-02 Map Winder Set of 2 (left and right side) UPS
MI-MR2A-03 End Plates or Caps Set of 6 UPS
MI-MR2A-04 Combination Clip Hooks Set of 4 UPS

    Product Specifications:
  • 2" Cork Map Rail Accessories
  • Fit 2" wide molded aluminum map rail trim
  • Four Accessories available: Flag Holder, Map Winder, End Caps and combination clip hooks
  • Flag Holders sold individually as a single unit
  • Map Winders sold as a set of 2, one for the right and one for the left
  • End Caps are sold as a set of 6
  • Combination clip hooks are sold as a set of 4
  • All made from heavy gauge aluminum
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • School purchase orders accepted