2" Oak Wood Cork Map & Display Railing

SKU: MI-MO-206
Price: $36.65
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Wood Cork Display Strips

Wooden Map Rails. Solid red oak wood framed map rail available 2" wide x 6' lengths.

All 2" wide wooden map rails are shipped with your choice of a tan or gray plas-cork insert. Either colored insert looks great with the red oak frame.

Unlike the aluminum trimmed models these units are all sold individually.

Save your walls from unsightly tack holes. Free up wall space. Create hallway art and display showcases! The ideas are endless.

Note that these 6' lengths can ship by UPS/FedEx.

Other accessories include end caps only. If you want flag holders and other accessories, you have to choose the aluminum trim models in either 1" or 2" sizes.

Accessory Items:
SKU: MI-MO-752

(MO-752) 2 Inch End Plates are sold as individual pieces.

Price: $6.98