Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum Trim

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Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum Trim
Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum TrimVinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum TrimVinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum TrimVinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Aluminum Trim

OptiMA vinyl covered bulletin boards offer stylish designs with contemporary colors and fabrics, great for use in the office, reception area, board room or classroom.

The vinyl covered bulletin boards come with a smooth 15 oz. class A vinyl covering over ½" fiberboard. The frame is a brushed satin finish aluminum. We offer a huge selection of contemporary and popular colors and the vinyl material is washable.

Each bulletin board comes with hangers installed on three corners to allow vertical or horizontal installation. Each tack board is individually packaged and shipped with installation hardware.

Made in the USA

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 2' Tall x 3' Wide
MI-AF-203-02CottonUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-03Antique WhiteUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-05Pebble BeachUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-06NaturalUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-15Sky BlueUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-16PlatinumUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-17PacificUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-18TurquoiseUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-93Desert ShoreUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-94Winter MistUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-95AtriumUPS18 lbs$57.00
MI-AF-203-97Sea MistUPS18 lbs$57.00
Size: 33 1/2" Tall x 45 1/2" Wide
MI-AF-304-02CottonUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-03Antique WhiteUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-05Pebble BeachUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-06NaturalUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-15Sky BlueUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-16PlatinumUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-17PacificUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-18TurquoiseUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-93Desert ShoreUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-94Winter MistUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-95AtriumUPS35 lbs$95.00
MI-AF-304-97Sea MistUPS35 lbs$95.00
Size: 4' Tall x 4' Wide
MI-AF-404-02CottonTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-03Antique WhiteTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-05Pebble BeachTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-06NaturalTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-15Sky BlueTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-16PlatinumTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-17PacificTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-18TurquoiseTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-93Desert ShoreTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-94Winter MistTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-95AtriumTruck26 lbs$165.00
MI-AF-404-97Sea MistTruck26 lbs$165.00
Size: 4' Tall x 6' Wide
MI-AF-406-02CottonTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-03Antique WhiteTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-05Pebble BeachTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-06NaturalTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-15Sky BlueTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-16PlatinumTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-17PacificTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-18TurquoiseTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-93Desert ShoreTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-94Winter MistTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-95AtriumTruck40 lbs$218.00
MI-AF-406-97Sea MistTruck37 lbs$218.00
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
MI-AF-408-02CottonTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-03Antique WhiteTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-05Pebble BeachTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-06NaturalTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-15Sky BlueTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-16PlatinumTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-17PacificTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-18TurquoiseTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-93Desert ShoreTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-94Winter MistTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-95AtriumTruck53 lbs$252.00
MI-AF-408-97Sea MistTruck53 lbs$252.00
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
MI-AF-410-02CottonTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-03Antique WhiteTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-05Pebble BeachTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-06NaturalTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-15Sky BlueTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-16PlatinumTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-17PacificTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-18TurquoiseTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-93Desert ShoreTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-94Winter MistTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-95AtriumTruck73 lbs$309.00
MI-AF-410-97Sea MistTruck73 lbs$309.00
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
MI-AF-412-02CottonTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-03Antique WhiteTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-05Pebble BeachTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-06NaturalTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-15Sky BlueTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-16PlatinumTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-17PacificTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-18TurquoiseTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-93Desert ShoreTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-94Winter MistTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-95AtriumTruck84 lbs$361.00
MI-AF-412-97Sea MistTruck84 lbs$361.00

  • Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards
  • Vinyl fabric covering 1/2" fiberboard
  • 1" aluminum face trim
  • L-Clip Installation hardware included
  • 12 Fabric colors to choose from
  • If color match is critical, OptiMA recommends that you request a free fabric sample before ordering
  • Units are considered custom
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Usually ship from factory in OH in 5 working days
  • All sizes 4' x 4' and larger Ship by Truck
  • Custom sizes available through customer service
  • Quantity discounts available
  • School purchase orders accepted