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Aluminum Framed Fabric Tackboard

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Aluminum Framed Fabric Tackboard
Aluminum Framed Fabric TackboardAluminum Framed Fabric TackboardAluminum Framed Fabric Tackboard

Aluminum Framed Designer Fabric Tack Board

This Aluminum Framed Designer Fabric Tack Board is available in nine sizes perfect for any location. Spruce up office break areas, university common areas, schools, and more. A classic smooth aluminum trim complements six durable fabric tack color options. Choose from Rose Quartz, Grey Mix, Pumice, Quartz, Wedgewood, or Black.
This unit is available in 12" x 18", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", 36" x 48", 48" x 48", 48" x 72", 48" x 96", 48" x 120", or 48" x 144". All units include all necessary mounting hardware. Made in the USA.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Fabric Color: Black
AR-DF-1218-02812" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-02818" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-02824" x 36"Truck16 lbs$72.76
AR-DF-3648-02836" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-02848" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-02848" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-02848" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-02848" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-02848" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36
Fabric Color: Grey Mix
AR-DF-1218-01212" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-01218" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-01224" x 36"Truck16 lbs$72.76
AR-DF-3648-01236" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-01248" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-01248" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-01248" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-01248" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-01248" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36
Fabric Color: Wedgewood
AR-DF-1218-01412" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-01418" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-01424" x 36"Truck16 lbs$161.65
AR-DF-3648-01436" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-01448" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-01448" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-01448" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-01448" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-01448" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36
Fabric Color: Rose Quartz
AR-DF-1218-00312" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-00318" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-00324" x 36"Truck16 lbs$72.76
AR-DF-3648-00336" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-00348" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-00348" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-00348" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-00348" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-00348" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36
Fabric Color: Pumice
AR-DF-1218-02212" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-02218" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-02224" x 36"Truck16 lbs$72.76
AR-DF-3648-02236" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-02248" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-02248" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-02248" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-02248" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-02248" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36
Fabric Color: Quartz
AR-DF-1218-00512" x 18"Truck4 lbs$27.96
AR-DF-1824-00518" x 24"Truck8 lbs$48.76
AR-DF-2436-00524" x 36"Truck16 lbs$72.76
AR-DF-3648-00536" x 48"Truck44 lbs$147.16
AR-DF-4848-00548" x 48"Truck45 lbs$196.76
AR-DF-4872-00548" x 72"Truck55 lbs$294.36
AR-DF-4896-00548" x 96"Truck69 lbs$392.76
AR-DF-48120-00548" x 120"Truck84 lbs$491.16
AR-DF-48144-00548" x 144"Truck100 lbs$590.36

    Product Specifications:
  • Fabric surface comes in 6 colors
  • Size options: 12" x 18", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", 36" x 48", 48" x 48", 48" x 72", 48" x 96", 48" x 120", or 48" x 144"
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Includes mounting hardware

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