Colored Cork Boards

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Colored Cork Boards
Colored Cork Boards

If you are looking for superior performing colored cork boards with a 10 year warranty then your search is over!

These colored cork bulletin boards are made with a material called Plas-cork. It's a washable and all natural, colored bulletin board surface that can take the repeated uses in institutional and educational environments. It won't crack, split, dry out, crumble or peel like regular pebble cork boards.

The color goes all the way through the 1/4" thick Plas-cork material so it resist fading. The Plas-cork materials are laminated onto a 1/4" MDF material and the back of the Plas-cork is reinforced with a burlap type fabric for added strength and flexibility.

Please note that as of September 2015 the manufacturer has discontinued some colors and added some new ones. The colors shown in the drop down menu are all good. If you've ordered colored bulletin boards from us in the past in a color that isn't shown, there is a good chance that there may still be inventory available at the factory or that one of the new colors can be substituted that will be very close. Give customer service a call and we can work with you to see what can be done.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 24" Tall x 36" W
MI-AP-203-2162Steel GrayUPS18 lbs$86.00
MI-AP-203-2166Natural TanUPS18 lbs$86.00
MI-AP-203-2182Medium GrayUPS18 lbs$86.00
MI-AP-203-2186BuffUPS18 lbs$86.00
MI-AP-203-2187BlushUPS18 lbs$86.00
MI-AP-203-2204Dark GrayUPS18 lbs$86.00
Size: 33½" Tall x 45½"W
MI-AP-304-2162Steel GrayUPS33 lbs$177.10
MI-AP-304-2166Natural TanUPS33 lbs$177.10
MI-AP-304-2182Medium GrayUPS33 lbs$177.10
MI-AP-304-2186BuffUPS33 lbs$177.10
MI-AP-304-2187BlushUPS33 lbs$177.10
MI-AP-304-2204Dark GrayUPS33 lbs$177.10
Size: 4' Tall x 4' W
MI-AP-404-2162Steel GrayTruck39 lbs$255.72
MI-AP-404-2166Natural TanTruck39 lbs$255.72
MI-AP-404-2182Medium GrayTruck39 lbs$255.72
MI-AP-404-2186BuffTruck39 lbs$255.72
MI-AP-404-2187BlushTruck39 lbs$255.72
MI-AP-404-2204Dark GrayTruck39 lbs$255.72
Size: 4' Tall x 6' W
MI-AP-406-2162Steel GrayTruck53 lbs$346.76
MI-AP-406-2166Natural TanTruck53 lbs$346.76
MI-AP-406-2182Medium GrayTruck53 lbs$346.76
MI-AP-406-2186BuffTruck53 lbs$346.76
MI-AP-406-2187BlushTruck53 lbs$346.76
MI-AP-406-2204Dark GrayTruck53 lbs$346.76
Size: 4' Tall x 8' W
MI-AP-408-2162Steel GrayTruck70 lbs$419.59
MI-AP-408-2166Natural TanTruck70 lbs$419.59
MI-AP-408-2182Medium GrayTruck70 lbs$419.59
MI-AP-408-2186BuffTruck70 lbs$419.59
MI-AP-408-2187BlushTruck70 lbs$419.59
MI-AP-408-2204Dark GrayTruck70 lbs$419.59
Size: 4' Tall x 10' W
MI-AP-410-2162Steel GrayTruck98 lbs$513.10
MI-AP-410-2166Natural TanTruck98 lbs$513.10
MI-AP-410-2182Medium GrayTruck98 lbs$513.10
MI-AP-410-2186BuffTruck98 lbs$513.10
MI-AP-410-2187BlushTruck98 lbs$513.10
MI-AP-410-2204Dark GrayTruck98 lbs$513.10
Size: 4' Tall x 12' W
MI-AP-412-2162Steel GrayTruck117 lbs$602.48
MI-AP-412-2166Natural TanTruck117 lbs$602.48
MI-AP-412-2182Medium GrayTruck117 lbs$602.48
MI-AP-412-2186BuffTruck117 lbs$602.48
MI-AP-412-2187BlushTruck117 lbs$602.48
MI-AP-412-2204Dark GrayTruck117 lbs$602.48

  • Plas-Cork Colored Cork Boards
  • Six Color Fast Colors
  • Burlap Backed Plas-Cork over 1/4" MDF
  • 1" Wide Satin Anodized Aluminum Trim
  • Available in seven stock sizes. Custom Sizes Available
  • Normal Lead-time is about 10-12 working days to ship from the factory.
  • Product is custom made to order.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel acetate, formaldehyde, wood dust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust, use proper PPE For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov