Plas-Cork Colored Bulletin Boards with Red Oak Trim

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Colored Cork with Oak Frames
Colored Cork with Oak Frames

A truly superior quality oak wood framed, colored bulletin board. A solid 2" wide red oak wood trim surrounds these beautifully made colored Plas-Cork bulletin boards from Marsh Industries.

The Plas-cork is a flexible self healing tack material that won't fade, split crack or peal. The color pigments go all the way through the 1/4" material that has a burlap backing for added flexibility and strength. Then the 1/4" tack material is laminated onto a 1/4" MDF for even more strength.

Select from six colors one of which is sure to work with your design plans. These units are all made to order. We offer free color samples so if your color selection is critical we suggest getting a sample first.

Please note that as of September 2015 the factory discontinued six colors including 2067 Sand, 2185 Blue, 2203 Sage, 2201 Terracotta, 2202 Brown and 2205 Navy. There may be a limited amount of inventory still available. Please contact customer service for additional information and support.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 4' Tall x 4' Wide
MI-WP-404-2162Steel GrayTruck36 lbs$282.00
MI-WP-404-2166Natural TanTruck36 lbs$282.00
MI-WP-404-2182Medium GrayTruck36 lbs$282.00
MI-WP-404-2186BuffTruck36 lbs$282.00
MI-WP-404-2187BlushTruck36 lbs$282.00
MI-WP-404-2204Dark GrayTruck36 lbs$282.00
Size: 4' Tall x 6' Wide
MI-WP-406-2162Steel GrayTruck58 lbs$367.00
MI-WP-406-2166Natural TanTruck58 lbs$367.00
MI-WP-406-2182Medium GrayTruck58 lbs$367.00
MI-WP-406-2186BuffTruck58 lbs$367.00
MI-WP-406-2187BlushTruck58 lbs$367.00
MI-WP-406-2204Dark GrayTruck58 lbs$367.00
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
MI-WP-408-2162Steel GrayTruck74 lbs$465.00
MI-WP-408-2166Natural TanTruck74 lbs$465.00
MI-WP-408-2182Medium GrayTruck74 lbs$465.00
MI-WP-408-2186BuffTruck74 lbs$465.00
MI-WP-408-2187BlushTruck74 lbs$465.00
MI-WP-408-2204Dark GrayTruck74 lbs$465.00
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
MI-WP-410-2162Steel GrayTruck98 lbs$583.00
MI-WP-410-2166Natural TanTruck98 lbs$583.00
MI-WP-410-2182Medium GrayTruck98 lbs$583.00
MI-WP-410-2186BuffTruck98 lbs$583.00
MI-WP-410-2187BlushTruck98 lbs$583.00
MI-WP-410-2204Dark GrayTruck98 lbs$583.00
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
MI-WP-412-2162Steel GrayTruck125 lbs$780.00
MI-WP-412-2166Natural TanTruck125 lbs$780.00
MI-WP-412-2182Medium GrayTruck125 lbs$780.00
MI-WP-412-2186BuffTruck125 lbs$780.00
MI-WP-412-2187BlushTruck125 lbs$780.00
MI-WP-412-2204Dark GrayTruck125 lbs$780.00

  • Red Oak Frame
  • 2" Wide Face
  • Mortise and Tenon cornering
  • Twelve Plas-Cork Colors
  • Color Samples available if color is critical
  • Normal lead-time 10-12 Working Days to ship from the factory
  • Made in the U.S.A.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, wood dust which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov