Pre-Cut Data Card Inserts

Data Card Inserts

Colored pre-cut data card inserts are pre-cut to size to fit magnetic data card holders. Each size is available in pre-cut widths or in full sheets. Data card inserts come in five different colors or mixed color packs.

Use these colorful data cards and insert headings with our Magnetic Data Card Holders to easily update and change information on your magnetic calendar, planning boards or scheduling boards. Simply handwrite, type or print information on the colored paper data cards. Slide the information or heading into the cardholder. Managing information has never been easier.

Measure from the outside edges of your data card holder to get the proper measurement
on your data cards... do not measure the inside gap!

Match Up Data Card to the Right Size Holder

  • For 1/2" Tall Card Holder use the MV-DC10 Cards
  • For 3/4" Tall Card Holder use the MV-DC15 Cards
  • For 1" Tall Card Holder use the MV-DC20 Cards
  • For 1.75" Tall Card Holder use the MV-DC30 Cards
  • For 2" Tall Card Holder use the MV-DC40 Cards
  • For 3" Tall Card Holder use the (White Index Cards Only)Lined 100/Pack or Solid White 200/Pack

Primary colors: (W) White, (B) Blue, (Y) Yellow, (L) Lime, (S) Salmon, (M) Mixed - equal amounts of each. *3" x 5" cards come in white only.

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