Double Sided Desktop Privacy Divider

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Desktop Privacy Divider
Desktop Privacy DividerDesktop Privacy DividerDesktop Privacy DividerDesktop Privacy DividerDesktop Privacy Divider

Desktop privacy panels help to define work areas while providing privacy and blocking sound without impairing visibility.

The installation is easy using a simple clamp mount on work surfaces from 3/4" up to 1 1/2" in thickness. There is no permanent hardware to install so there is no damage to the surface.

Each panel is 17" high and 1" deep and available in six widths from 21 1/2" to 66" long to fit almost any size desk or work station.

You can select from either a magnetic receptive porcelain steel dry erase writing surface or one of 3 colored pebble vinyl tack surfaces. Also available in a combination of the two with half dry erase board and half vinyl tack surface.

The optional set of three plastic trays are sold separately.

OptionShipping MethodShipping
BR-901-44-6617"H x 58"W Cream/WhiteboardUPS21 lbs$200.75
BR-901-44-6717"H x 58"W Quarry/WhiteboardUPS21 lbs$200.75
BR-901-44-7017"H x 58"W Stone/WhiteboardUPS21 lbs$200.75
BR-901-48-6617"H x 66"W Cream/WhiteboardUPS25 lbs$228.00
BR-901-48-6717"H x 66"W Quarry/WhiteboardUPS25 lbs$228.00
BR-901-48-7017"H x 66"W Stone/WhiteboardUPS25 lbs$228.00
BR-901-36-6617"H x 21.5"W Cream VinylUPS12 lbs$78.75
BR-901-36-6717"H x 21.5"W Light QuarryUPS12 lbs$78.75
BR-901-36-7017"H x 21.5"W Stone VinylUPS12 lbs$78.75
BR-901-38-6617"H x 32"W Cream VinylUPS12 lbs$107.25
BR-901-38-6717"H x 32"W Light QuarryUPS12 lbs$107.25
BR-901-38-7017"H x 32"W Stone VinylUPS12 lbs$107.25
BR-901-40-6617"H x 41"W Cream VinylUPS15 lbs$119.75
BR-901-40-6717"H x 41"W Light QuarryUPS15 lbs$119.75
BR-901-40-7017"H x 41"W Stone VinylUPS15 lbs$119.75
BR-901-35-6617"H x 48"W Cream VinylUPS20 lbs$125.00
BR-901-35-6717"H x 48"W Light QuarryUPS20 lbs$125.00
BR-901-35-7017"H x 48"W Stone VinylUPS20 lbs$125.00
BR-901-43-6617"H x 58"W Cream VinylUPS19 lbs$152.25
BR-901-43-6717"H x 58"W Light QuarryUPS19 lbs$152.25
BR-901-43-7017"H x 58"W Stone VinylUPS19 lbs$152.25
BR-901-47-6617"H x 66"W Cream VinylUPS23 lbs$170.25
BR-901-47-6717"H x 66"W Light QuarryUPS23 lbs$170.25
BR-901-47-7017"H x 66"W Stone VinylUPS23 lbs$170.25
BR-901-3417"H x 21.5"W WhiteboardUPS12 lbs$119.75
BR-901-3717"H x 32"W WhiteboardUPS16 lbs$161.75
BR-901-3917"H x 41"W WhiteboardUPS19 lbs$185.00
BR-901-3317"H x 48"W WhiteboardUPS20 lbs$198.50
BR-901-4217"H x 58"W WhiteboardUPS23 lbs$243.75
BR-901-4617"H x 66"W WhiteboardUPS27 lbs$282.50

  • Desktop privacy panel
  • Attaches to any work top from .75" to 1.5" thick
  • Clamp mount makes panels easy to install and remove
  • No permanent hardware to damage surface
  • Available 3 ways: Magnetic Whiteboard, Pebble colored vinyl or a combination of both
  • 3 Vinyl Colors: 66 Cream, 67 Light Quarry and 70 Country Stone
  • Double Sided
  • 17" Tall x 1" Deep
  • Six Different lengths: 21.5", 32", 41", 38", 58" and 66"
  • Accessory Tray set sold separately
  • TAA Compliant
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Accessory Items:

Set of 3 Assorted Size Plastic Storage Trays

Price: $21.75

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel acetate, chromium (hexavalent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to P65Warnings.ca.gov/furniture. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov