Thin, flexible, colored magnetic number and letter kit

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3 & 6 Inch Flat Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Flat Magnetic Letters and Magnetic Number Sets. Colorful flat die cut magnetic, flexible number and letter sets in two sizes and six different colors.

3" and 6" magnetic letters and magnetic numbers, 0.035 thickness. Sold in sets of 108 characters. Same breakdown as molded letters and numbers. Choice of 6 colors: (1) white, (2) yellow, (3) red, (5) blue, (6) green, (7) black.

Magnetic Letter Sets contain:
108 all capital letters (9 each of E; 6 each of A, H, I, L, N, O, R, S, T; 3 each of B, C, D, F, G, J, K, M, P, U, V, W, Y; 2 each of letters Q, X, Z).

Magnetic Number Sets contain:
108 numbers (15 each of numbers 1, 2, 3, 0 & 8 each of numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9).

Please note that our die cut magnetic letters and numbers are made to order and can take up to 7-12 working days to produce and ship from the factory.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Option: 3 Inch Letter Set
MV-DC-A-3SET-BKBlackUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-A-3SET-BLBlueUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-A-3SET-GGreenUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-A-3SET-RRedUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-A-3SET-WWhiteUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-A-3SET-YYellowUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
Option: 3 Inch Number Set
MV-DC-N-3SET-BKBlackUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-N-3SET-BLBlueUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-N-3SET-GGreenUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-N-3SET-RRedUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-N-3SET-WWhiteUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
MV-DC-N-3SET-YYellowUPS3.55 lbs$107.96
Option: 6 Inch Letter Set
MV-DC-A-6SET-BKBlackUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-A-6SET-BLBlueUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-A-6SET-GGreenUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-A-6SET-RRedUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-A-6SET-WWhiteUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-A-6SET-YYellowUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
Option: 6 Inch Number Set
MV-DC-N-6SET-BKBlackUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-N-6SET-BLBlueUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-N-6SET-GGreenUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-N-6SET-RRedUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-N-6SET-WWhiteUPS8.54 lbs$269.00
MV-DC-N-6SET-YYellowUPS8.54 lbs$269.00

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