Graphic Dry Erase Whiteboards

Graphic dry erase whiteboards. According to Wikipedia the word "graphic" is "from the Greek word, graphikos. It means something written, visual images or designs on some surface. Also to inform, illustrate or entertain".

OptiMA Inc. offers a wide array of graphic whiteboards. Standard or stocked printed graphics can be custom made to suit your needs. Want to add your company logo? We can do that for you. Our staff can walk you through our easy ordering process from start to finish.

OptiMA uses our exclusive Opti-Print™ method. It's how we make vibrant and colorful dry erase writing surfaces. Our writing surface is second to none and the boards are so easy to erase. Our boards erase completely. There is no ghost image left behind. With proper care your new graphic whiteboard from OptiMA will last for years to come.

Whether you need of a small custom printed lap board or a large magnetic dry erase board, you are in the right place.

Customers are raving about our printed whiteboards. Five Stars! "Great product, great service - now I'm looking for reasons to make more of these!" said JR on March 14, 2016. Thank you JR. We'll be waiting for your order.

What can we create for you today? Have question or need help? Call our friendly customer service department toll free at 1-866-366-1500.

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