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OptiMA® Dry Erase Lap Boards with Grids and Graphs

Lap Boards with Grids and Graphs

OptiMA® offers a complete collection of dry erase grid boards which are small enough to be handheld. Also known as printed lap boards, these handheld grid boards have a terrific dry erase writing surface that will not ghost and that erases cleanly and with ease every time you use your board if it is properly maintained.

Our dry erase grid and graph lap boards come in two sizes of 9" x 12" or a larger 11" x 17" and each one is double sided with a print on one side and a plain white dry erase writing surface on the reverse side of the board.

Both the 9" x 12" and 11" x 17" printed lap boards are made from a sturdy 1/8" thick piece of white dry erase hardboard material. These are not screen printed boards that will scratch off or chip. Our prints will last for years with proper care. Each unit has a smooth, bull-nosed edges and softly rounded corners. School purchase orders are always accepted and custom models are also available.

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