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Interactive Display Boards

Interactive Display Boards

Easily encourage engagement and teamwork with an interactive board! No more confusing wires, software, or licenses are required. NewLine's interactive boards are compatible with any device and easy to use.

Why not have a board that promotes learning? Interactive boars allow you highlight key information as you work through a lesson include visual aids to help students, and even include audio. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to effortlessly reach students of off learning styles, look no further. NewLine Q-Series boards help create an immersive experience for your students, by allowing them to engage with learning materials like never before. Our interactive boards were designed to promote better collaboration and creative lesson planning.

Increase your companies productivity and make meetings more efficient with an interactive board created to help put ideas into action. Newline Z-Series interactive boards allow you to include visual ands and interact with the material to insure that everyone leaves on the same page.

Find the right solution for your classroom or office.

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