Student Lap Board with US Map

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US Map Lap Board
US Map Lap BoardUS Map Lap BoardUS Map Lap BoardUS Map Lap BoardUS Map Lap Board

We've made geography fun with our new double sided US lap board maps.

Our new handheld double sided student dry erase lap boards feature a colorful map of the United States on one side and plain white on the reverse.

We carry two options; The first option has all of the states labeled with their appropriate two letter abbreviation. The second option is just the states unlabeled. The board you select is determined by your lesson plan.

Pair both lap boards up to use in stages when teaching the geography of the United States. The back side of these boards feature a blank white dry erase board for added versatility.

Each 9" x 12" U.S. lap board map is sold individually so you may mix and match designs and order only what you need.

Tip: It is not recommended to clean these boards with anything containing ammonia which is found in most glass cleaners.

Item Code Description Shipping Method
GR-LB-MAP-NS 9" x 12" No State Abreviations UPS
GR-LB-MAP-ST 9" x 12" With State Abreviations UPS

    Product Features:
  • 9" x 12" Printed Hardboard Lap Boards.
  • Double Sided with Print on One Side / Plain White on Reverse
  • Two Map Options: NS Blank Map without State Abbreviations or ST showing state names
  • Both Sides are Dry Erase
  • School Purchase Accepted
  • Made and Printed in the USA

    Other Specifications:
  • Expo or other Bristle type erasers may permanently damage the writing surface.
  • Rough Brown or White hand towels may scratch the writing surface.
  • Do not use any cleaning chemicals which contain ammonia. Most glass cleaner contain ammonia.
  • Do not use any type of scrubbing sponges or other abrasive to clean the boards.
  • We strongly recommend using facial tissue or our Opti-Wipe™ washable micro-fiber cleaning cloths
  • For best results use a quality dry erase marker and wipe each board clean before storage