Magnetic Picture Hangers

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Magnetic Picture Hangers

You can't nail into steel or cabinets so you need our Magnetic Picture Hangers.

Now you can hang pictures, calendars, chart boards and other items anywhere on steel surfaces. These magnetic picture hangers can easily be moved or relocated instantly. The magnetic backs on these magnetic picture hangers will not damage walls. Each magnetic picture hanger has a handsome satin nickel finish.

Multiple sizes and strengths available. Note that weights are approximate and not guaranteed.

All weights are approximates only... you should test for adhesion carefully. Uneven or dirty surfaces may affect adhesion of the magnets.

OptionShipping MethodShipping
MV-PH-11 Lbs. 1.5" x 3"UPS0.14 lbs$2.85
MV-PH-22 Lbs. 2" x 3"UPS0.14 lbs$3.25
MV-PH-55 Lbs. 2" x 6"UPS0.14 lbs$5.05
MV-PH-1010 Lbs. 4" x 6"UPS0.27 lbs$8.25
MV-PH-1515 Lbs. 6" x 6"UPS0.58 lbs$12.25
MV-PH-2525 Lbs. 6" x 9"UPS0.53 lbs$15.50
MV-PH-5050 Lbs. 6" x 18"UPS1.65 lbs$27.25

    Product Features:
  • PH-1: 1-1/2" Tall x 3" Wide has approximately a 1 lb. capacity.
  • PH-2: 2" Tall x 3" Wide has approximately a 2 lb. capacity.
  • PH-5: 2" Tall x 6" Wide has approximately a 5 lb. capacity.
  • PH-10: 4" Tall x 6" Wide has approximately a 10 lb. capacity
  • PH-15: 6" Tall x 6" Wide has approximately a 15 lb. capacity
  • PH-25: 6" Tall x 9" Wide has approximately a 25 lb. capacity
  • PH-50: 6" Tall x 18" Wide has approximately a 50 lb. capacity.

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