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50' Colored Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Ribbon

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50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips
50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips50' Rolls of Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips

50' rolls of colored write on, wipe off magnetic ribbon. Turn your porcelain steel, magnetic whiteboards and chalkboards into instant company charts, organizers and presentation boards.

Colored 50' Magna-Ribbon™ clings tightly to any steel surface. Retains magnetic strength for life and it can be moved and re-positioned. The magnetic material cuts easily with scissors or a paper cutter. You can write on Magna-Ribbon™ with a water-soluble pen, also known as a damp erase marker, and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Choose Your Color: W: white, Y: yellow, R: red, BL: blue, G: green, BK: black and O: orange.

50' long rolls available in eight different widths: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 2" & 3" wide. All in 50' long rolls.

Add some fine point damp erase makers to your order. Four colors of damp erase markers to select from; black, red, blue and green. You must write on the colored Magna-Ribbon™ with damp erase markers and please note that dry erase markers will not come off.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Color: Black
MV-MR50-3-BK3/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-BK1/2" Wide x 50' RollBlackUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-BK5/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-BK3/4" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-BK7/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-BK1" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-BK2" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-BK3" Wide x 50' Roll BlackUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: Blue
MV-MR50-3-BL3/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-BL1/2" Wide x 50' RollBlueUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-BL5/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-BL3/4" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-BL7/8" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-BL1" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-BL2" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-BL3" Wide x 50' Roll BlueUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: Green
MV-MR50-3-G3/8" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-G1/2" Wide x 50' RollGreenUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-G5/8" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-G3/4" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-G7/8" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-G1" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-G2" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-G3" Wide x 50' Roll GreenUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: Orange
MV-MR50-3-O3/8" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-O1/2" Wide x 50' RollOrangeUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-O5/8" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-O3/4" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-O7/8" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-O1" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-O2" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-O3" Wide x 50' Roll OrangeUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: Red
MV-MR50-3-R3/8" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-R1/2" Wide x 50' RollRedUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-R5/8" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-R3/4" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-R7/8" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-R1" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-R2" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-R3" Wide x 50' Roll RedUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: White
MV-MR50-3-W3/8" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-W1/2" Wide x 50' RollWhiteUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-W5/8" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-W3/4" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-W7/8" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-W1" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-W2" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-W3" Wide x 50' Roll WhiteUPS11.69 lbs$175.00
Color: Yellow
MV-MR50-3-Y3/8" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS1.45 lbs$38.26
MV-MR50-4-Y1/2" Wide x 50' RollYellowUPS2.1 lbs$50.00
MV-MR50-5-Y5/8" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS2.43 lbs$55.00
MV-MR50-6-Y3/4" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS2.69 lbs$65.00
MV-MR50-7-Y7/8" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS3.42 lbs$70.00
MV-MR50-8-Y1" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS3.55 lbs$75.00
MV-MR50-16-Y2" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS7.7 lbs$125.00
MV-MR50-24-Y3" Wide x 50' Roll YellowUPS11.69 lbs$175.00

    50' Magna-Ribbon™ Features:
  • Full 50' Long Rolls
  • 8 Widths: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 2" and 3" wide
  • 7 Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange
  • Retains magnetic strength for life
  • Clings tight to any steel surface
  • Easily moved or re-positioned
  • Cuts easily with scissors or paper cutter
  • Can be written on with a damp erase marker and wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Dry erase markers will not erase
  • All sizes ship UPS
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