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Tackless Paper Display Rails

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Tackless Paper Display Rails
Tackless Paper Display RailsTackless Paper Display RailsTackless Paper Display RailsTackless Paper Display Rails

Tackless paper display rails. A premium and sleek solution, our Wiserails offer an easy way to display posters, homework, artwork, and just about anything that needs to be communicated. With an embedded roller that grips your inserted media, there's no need for tacks or pins. Just slide a piece of paper into the rail to fasten, and gently push upward to release. Insert as little as 1/8th of an inch, and your paper is locked and ready for displaying. A safer alternative there is not.

Even better, we are now offering two installation choices. A self-adhesive peel-n-stick backing or choose "hardware" and we'll send the necessary self-tapping screws.

Made from anodized aluminum, Wiserails feature a streamlined design that's also durable. Intended for schools, office spaces, and even public spaces. It's a durable way to display, and it's made right here in the USA.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Install Method: Screws Included
EE-WRAIL-HD-011' LongUPS1.5 lbs$38.96
EE-WRAIL-HD-022' LongUPS3 lbs$44.21
EE-WRAIL-HD-033' LongUPS4.5 lbs$49.46
EE-WRAIL-HD-044' LongUPS6 lbs$53.96
EE-WRAIL-HD-055' LongUPS7.5 lbs$59.21
EE-WRAIL-HD-066' LongUPS9 lbs$64.46
EE-WRAIL-HD-077' LongUPS10.5 lbs$69.71
EE-WRAIL-HD-088' LongTruck12 lbs$74.96
EE-WRAIL-HD-099' LongTruck13.5 lbs$80.21
EE-WRAIL-HD-1010' LongTruck15 lbs$85.46
EE-WRAIL-HD-1111' LongTruck16.5 lbs$89.96
EE-WRAIL-HD-1212' LongTruck18 lbs$95.21
EE-WRAIL-HD-1313' LongTruck19.5 lbs$100.46
EE-WRAIL-HD-1414' LongTruck21 lbs$105.71
EE-WRAIL-HD-1515' LongTruck22.5 lbs$110.96
Install Method: Self-Adhesive Backing
EE-WRAIL-SA-011' LongUPS1.5 lbs$38.96
EE-WRAIL-SA-022' LongUPS3 lbs$44.21
EE-WRAIL-SA-033' LongUPS4.5 lbs$49.46
EE-WRAIL-SA-044' LongUPS6 lbs$53.96
EE-WRAIL-SA-055' LongUPS7.5 lbs$59.21
EE-WRAIL-SA-066' LongUPS9 lbs$64.46
EE-WRAIL-SA-077' LongUPS10.5 lbs$69.71
EE-WRAIL-SA-088' LongTruck12 lbs$74.96
EE-WRAIL-SA-099' LongTruck13.5 lbs$80.21
EE-WRAIL-SA-1010' LongTruck15 lbs$85.46
EE-WRAIL-SA-1111' LongTruck16.5 lbs$89.96
EE-WRAIL-SA-1212' LongTruck18 lbs$95.21
EE-WRAIL-SA-1313' LongTruck19.5 lbs$100.46
EE-WRAIL-SA-1414' LongTruck21 lbs$105.71
EE-WRAIL-SA-1515' LongTruck22.5 lbs$110.96

    Product Specifications:
  • Height: 1 ⅜"
  • Depth: 9/16"
  • Your choice of installation method
    • Drill directly into wall using included screws
    • Or select self-adhesive for peel-n-stick application
  • Internal rollers are easy to use and provide strong grip
  • Not recommended for booklets or thick items
  • Made of anodized aluminum for a sleek look
  • Made in the USA

Save on shipping costs: Rails larger than 7' cannot ship via normal ground carriers like UPS or FedEx. So these larger pieces incur a higher freight fee. To save money on shipping costs, order and install 2 smaller pieces. Example: install two 6' sections side-by-side to accommodate a 12' installation requirement.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel compounds, chromium(hexavalent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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