Magnetic Whiteboard on Side One, Vinyl Tack on Side Two

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1 Side Whiteboard
1 Side Whiteboard1 Side Whiteboard

Double duty, portable room dividers that will work as dividers or temporary walls and border but they can multifunction by giving you an excellent magnetic receptive, porcelain steel writing surface or colored vinyl tack surface at the same time.

This model has a magnetic receptive, porcelain steel dry erase board on one side of the unit and a washable vinyl tack board on the reverse side. The bottom of the unit has vinyl tack surface on both sides.

Each unit is fully mobile making this a very versatile and useful piece of office or classroom furniture.

You have the option of either a 64" tall or a larger more private 76" tall unit in three widths of 48", 60" or a larger 72" in your choice of twelve very popular vinyl cloth colors.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Vinyl Color: Cotton
MI-BA-644-0264" x 48" CottonTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-0264" x 60" CottonTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-0264" x 72" CottonTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-0276" x 48" CottonTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-0276" x 60" CottonTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-0276" x 72" CottonTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Antique White
MI-BA-644-0364" x 48" Antique WhiteTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-0364" x 60" Antique WhiteTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-0364" x 72" Antique WhiteTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-0376" x 48" Antique WhiteTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-0376" x 60" Antique WhiteTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-0376" x 72" Antique WhiteTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Pebble Beach
MI-BA-644-0564" x 48" Pebble BeachTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-0564" x 60" Pebble BeachTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-0564" x 72" Pebble BeachTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-0576" x 48" Pebble BeachTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-0576" x 60" Pebble BeachTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-0576" x 72" Pebble BeachTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Natural
MI-BA-644-0664" x 48" NaturalTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-0664" x 60" NaturalTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-0664" x 72" NaturalTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-0676" x 48" NaturalTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-0676" x 60" NaturalTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-0676" x 72" NaturalTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Sky Blue
MI-BA-644-1564" x 48" Sky BlueTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-1564" x 60" Sky BlueTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-1564" x 72" Sky BlueTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-1576" x 48" Sky BlueTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-1576" x 60" Sky BlueTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-1576" x 72" Sky BlueTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Platinum
MI-BA-644-1664" x 48" PlatinumTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-1664" x 60" PlatinumTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-1664" x 72" PlatinumTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-1676" x 48" PlatinumTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-1676" x 60" PlatinumTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-1676" x 72" PlatinumTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Pacific
MI-BA-644-1764" x 48" PacificTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-1764" x 60" PacificTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-1764" x 72" PacificTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-1776" x 48" PacificTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-1776" x 60" PacificTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-1776" x 72" PacificTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Turquoise
MI-BA-644-1864" x 48" TurquoiseTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-1864" x 60" TurquoiseTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-1864" x 72" TurquoiseTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-1876" x 48" TurquoiseTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-1876" x 60" TurquoiseTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-1876" x 72" TurquoiseTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Desert Shore
MI-BA-644-9364" x 48" Desert ShoreTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-9364" x 60" Desert ShoreTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-9364" x 72" Desert ShoreTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-9376" x 48" Desert ShoreTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-9376" x 60" Desert ShoreTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-9376" x 72" Desert ShoreTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Winter Mist
MI-BA-644-9464" x 48" Winter MistTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-9464" x 60" Winter MistTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-9464" x 72" Winter MistTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-9476" x 48" Winter MistTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-9476" x 60" Winter MistTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-9476" x 72" Winter MistTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Atrium
MI-BA-644-9564" x 48" AtriumTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-9564" x 60" AtriumTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-9564" x 72" AtriumTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-9576" x 48" AtriumTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-9576" x 60" AtriumTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-9576" x 72" AtriumTruck153 lbs$985.00
Vinyl Color: Sea Mist
MI-BA-644-9764" x 48" Sea MistTruck94 lbs$748.00
MI-BA-645-9764" x 60" Sea MistTruck114 lbs$835.00
MI-BA-646-9764" x 72" Sea MistTruck130 lbs$999.00
MI-BA-764-9776" x 48" Sea MistTruck109 lbs$775.00
MI-BA-765-9776" x 60" Sea MistTruck129 lbs$950.00
MI-BA-766-9776" x 72" Sea MistTruck153 lbs$985.00

  • Two Heights: 64" or 76"
  • Three Widths: 48", 60" or 72" Wide
  • Writing Surface is Porcelain Steel and Magnetic Receptive
  • Whiteboard is 36" tall on the 64" tall units and 48" tall on the 76" units
  • Vinyl Tack Surface available in twelve colors
  • Wide, heavy duty aluminum base
  • Set of 4 casters, 2 with locking mechanism
  • Nesting for easy storage
  • 2" Cork Map Railing along the top of the unit on the Whiteboard side
  • Whiteboard side also has a full-length aluminum marker tray
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Normal Lead-Time: 10-12 Working Days
  • Considered a Custom Unit that cannot be returned
  • Free color swatches available upon request before purchase
  • Ships via Truck
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel acetate, chromium (hexavalent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov