Opti-Rite® Semi-Permanent Adhesive 1 Gallon

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Opti-Rite Semi-Permanent Adhesive

This is a non-strippable, semi-permanent, clay-based adhesive. One gallon should be enough adhesive to cover approximately 250 square feet.

Note: We recommend preparing installation surface with Opti-Rite® Primer, a white acrylic primer especially if you are concerned about being able to remove the wall covering at a later date. This will allow you to remove the dry erase wall covering more easily with less damage to the drywall, etc. while also creating a proper and smoother bond. Opti-Rite Primer is sold separately.

Download Material Saftey Data Sheet (MSDS)

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OGR-OPTI-ADHESIVE 1 Gallon Semi-Permanent Clay Type Adhesive
Acrylic Primer is Recommended
UPS 2-3 Business Days

    Surface Preparation:
  • Surface must be clean and free from all dust, oil, dirt, grease, mildew or any other foreign matter.
  • A diluted household bleach solution makes an excellent cleaner, de-greaser for cleaning walls
  • Repair any cracks and fill any holes with a non-shrinking Spackle prior to priming
  • Prime the wall area with a quality acrylic primer - we recommend using Opti-Rite® Primer,
  • Plaster - New Plaster must age for at least 30 days prior to priming.
  • Drywall - New drywall must be wiped down to remove any dust, etc. Clean and repair old dry wall prior to installation as mentioned above prior to priming
  • Other Surfaces - In general, surfaces should be clean, dry, smooth and structurally sound prior to priming. Glossy surfaces should be lightly sanded prior to priming.

Note: Do NOT use this adhesive over oil or alkyd paints, primers or varnish. Prime with an acrylic primer such as Opti-Rite Primer first.
  • Prime the surface with an Acrylic primer prior to installation and let dry.
  • Mix well before using to ensure even consistency.
  • Apply evenly to wall where Opti-Rite® will be installed using a roller or stiff brush.
  • Make certain there is adequate adhesive behind the edges and on the corners.
  • IMMEDIATELY remove any adhesive from the face of the wall covering and adjacent surfaces with a clean wet sponge.
Download Material Saftey Data Sheet (MSDS)