Opti-Rite® Matte Projection Dry Erase Wall Covering

Projection Writing Surfaces

Opti-Rite® Matte is a low gloss dry erase projection material. This versatile and innovative wallcovering that turns any wall into a dry erase presentation surface that can be projected onto at the same time. So now you can use your projection equipment to project onto your dry erase board and use markers right on the projection at the same time to highlight information or drive home a point. Can you think of a better teaching tool for your training rooms or presentation tool for your board room? Now anywhere where you need the versatility to write with dry ease markers and project onto a surface at the same time you can use our Opti-Rite® 5 dry erase materials.

Opti-Rite® Matte is primarily designed as an excellent low-gloss dry erase writing surface that serves as a projection screen for displaying projected images for applications that do not require an embossed projection surface. Opti-Rite® 5 Teflon® non-glare top film offers optimum readability and erases well. Gain Performance = .947.

Specify this product when the surface is going to be used as a projection screen at least 50% of the time and a writing surface less than 50% of the time.

Opti-Rite® Matte is available 3 formats. The materials are available in two ways. You can order a stiff wall paper type backed roll that requires adhesive in either a 50" or 60" wide format and sold in rolls up to 100' in length. This wall paper type backed material is recommended to be applied to any smooth painted wall or other non-porous surface. If you're looking to resurface existing dry erase boards or old chalkboards then we offer a 50" wide material with a self-adhesive, peel-n-stick backing. The adhesive is extremely aggressive so we don't recommend using this material for direct wall installations.

Opti-Rite® is a Registered trademark of OptiMA Inc.

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Opti-Rite Matte - 50 Inch Wide
Requires Adhesive for Installation
From "Roll Size" "006: 50\" x 6' Roll (+$230.00)" "012: 50\" x 12' Roll (+$461.00)" "025: 50\" x 25' Roll (+$928.00)" "050: 50\" x 50' Roll (+$1856.00)" "100: 50\" x 100' Roll (+$3592.00)"
Opti-Rite Matte 60 Inch Wide
Requires Adhesive for Installation
From "Roll Size" "006: 60\" x 6' Roll (+$280.00)" "012: 60\" x 12' Roll (+$559.00)" "025: 60\" x 25' Roll (+$1126.00)" "050: 60\" x 50' Roll (+$2253.00)" "100: 60\" x 100' Roll (+$4360.00)"
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Opti-Rite Matte Self-Adhesive Custom Length
Discontinued - Limited Quantities Available.
Price $27.50