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Whiteboard erasers, board cleaners and chart tapes. Everything you need to keep your board clean and operating at top performance.

Always use a good quality eraser with your dryerase board. Felt erasers are really meant to clean chalkboards, not dry erase boards. The do work pretty well for smaller boards like student lap boards but for larger boards, dry erase dust will tend to clog a felt eraser which can then make your writing surface dirtier when you try to erase. Consider using our Opti-Wipe™ microfiber cloths instead. They trap dry erase particles and may be laundered for continuous use. The microfibers clean and condition the writing surface at the same time.

We also carry a full line of board cleaners from Expo. These cleaners work best on non-magnetic Melamine writing surfaces because they also condition the writing surface. They can be used on porcelain steel magnetic dry erase boards as well but you really should rinse the writing surface after cleaning to prevent build up of cleaning solution which can make the board difficult to erase.

Finally, Start Clean! You want to make sure that your board is clean before you start to write on it. Wet a clean soft towel with water and dry your markerboard before you use them, you'll see a big difference.

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