Outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board with Fabric Tack Surface

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Outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack Surface
Outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack SurfaceOutdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack SurfaceOutdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack SurfaceOutdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack SurfaceOutdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Fabric Tack Surface

Outdoor enclosed bulletin boards with colored fabric tack surface. Outdoor glass enclosed bulletin board cabinets with locking doors and clear acrylic windows help to keep your messages and postings safe from vandalism and from the weather.

Heavy duty aluminum cabinets designed for indoor or outdoor use with your choice of eleven popular and chic vinyl fabric colors. Of course natural tan cork is also available if you want it. Eight different cabinet sizes to select from in one, two or three door options depending upon the size you select.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 24" H x 18" W 1 Door
BR-94P-SV-AO-40Yellow BouquetUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-41ChampagneUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-44GrayUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-45Antique WhiteUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-46CottonUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-47Pacific BlueUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-56PlatinumUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-57NaturalUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-74PelicanUPS11 lbs$140.25
BR-94P-SV-AO-77SterlingUPS11 lbs$140.25
Size: 36" H x 24" W 1 Door
BR-94P-SV-BO-40Yellow BouquetUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-41ChampagneUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-44GrayUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-45Antique WhiteUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-46CottonUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-47Pacific BlueUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-56PlatinumUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-57NaturalUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-74PelicanUPS22 lbs$244.25
BR-94P-SV-BO-77SterlingUPS22 lbs$244.25
Size: 36" H x 36" W 1 Door
BR-94P-SV-1O-40Yellow BouquetUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-41ChampagneUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-44GrayUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-45Antique WhiteUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-46CottonUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-47Pacific BlueUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-56PlatinumUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-57NaturalUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-74PelicanUPS34 lbs$262.75
BR-94P-SV-1O-77SterlingUPS34 lbs$262.75
Size: 36" H x 48" W 2 Doors
BR-94P-SV-CO-40Yellow BouquetUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-41ChampagneUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-44GrayUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-45Antique WhiteUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-46CottonUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-47Pacific BlueUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-56PlatinumUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-57NaturalUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-74PelicanUPS39 lbs$368.75
BR-94P-SV-CO-77SterlingUPS39 lbs$368.75
Size: 36" H x 60" W 2 Doors
BR-94P-SV-EO-40Yellow BouquetUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-41ChampagneUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-44GrayUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-45Antique WhiteUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-46CottonUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-47Pacific BlueUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-56PlatinumUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-57NaturalUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-74PelicanUPS43 lbs$434.75
BR-94P-SV-EO-77SterlingUPS43 lbs$434.75
Size: 36" H x 72" W 3 Doors
BR-94P-SV-2O-40Yellow BouquetTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-41ChampagneTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-44GrayTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-45Antique WhiteTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-46CottonTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-47Pacific BlueTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-56PlatinumTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-57NaturalTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-74PelicanTruck63 lbs$557.75
BR-94P-SV-2O-77SterlingTruck63 lbs$557.75
Size: 48" H x 72" W 3 Doors
BR-94P-SV-GO-40Yellow BouquetTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-41ChampagneTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-44GrayTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-45Antique WhiteTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-46CottonTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-47Pacific BlueTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-56PlatinumTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-57NaturalTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-74PelicanTruck82 lbs$649.00
BR-94P-SV-GO-77SterlingTruck82 lbs$649.00
Size: 48" H x 96" W 3 Doors
BR-94P-SV-HO-40Yellow BouquetTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-41ChampagneTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-44GrayTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-45Antique WhiteTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-46CottonTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-47Pacific BlueTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-56PlatinumTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-57NaturalTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-74PelicanTruck120 lbs$890.50
BR-94P-SV-HO-77SterlingTruck120 lbs$890.50

    Outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board Specifications:
  • Available with up to 3 doors.
  • Each door has a lock.
  • All cabinets keyed alike
  • Concealed hinges
  • Shatter resistant clear acrylic panels
  • Colored vinyl back panel / tack surface.
  • 11 Vinyl Colors Available
  • Vinyl color swatches available upon request
  • 1.5" interior depth - area from tack surface to window.
  • Cabinet should be mounted beneath overhang or in semi-enclosed space for best performance.
  • TAA compliant.
  • Standard lead-time is 10 working days to leave the factory
  • Made in the U.S.A.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, nickel compounds, chromium(hexavalent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov