Opti-Rite® 1 Non-Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering

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Opti-Rite 1 Dry Erase Wallpaper

Opti-Rite® 1 dry erase wall covering is an excellent, non-magnetic dry-erase writing surface that applies to your wall similar to most heavy vinyl wall coverings.

You can apply your dry erase wall covering directly to any smooth, prepared walls to create full height dry erase boards in the same manner that you apply a heavy vinyl wall covering. Can you imagine the possibilities that you could have with a full wall of dry erase writing surface?

These dry erase wall coverings can also be an excellent and economical alternative to buying custom sized framed dry erase boards when you need a very specific size or even an odd shape like a circle or triangle. You can cut Opti-Rite® with a sharp pair of scissors or a razor knife. You can't do that with a framed board can you?

Opti-Rite® 1 is 48" across or tall and comes in rolls starting at 6' in length up to 100' long. Custom length rolls are also available. Cut lengths will normally leave the factory in 3-5 business days. Full rolls are sold at a discount and will be drop shipped in 2 business days.

Model # Description Shipping
OMI-87-500-06 6' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days
OMI-87-500-12 12' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days
OMI-87-500-25 25' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days
OMI-87-500-50 50' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days
OMI-87-500-100 100' Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days
OMI-87-CUS Custom Length Roll of 48" Opti-Rite® 1 UPS 2-3 Business Days

*Lead-time is days to leave the factory.

We will rough cut your roll here in our facility. A rough cut means that you will still have to square the ends of the rolls. For example if you order a 12' long roll we usually will ship a little extra materials for cutting, etc. If you are purchasing several rolls it is usually preferred by your installer that they can cut the length required themselves so you'll want to add up all of the lengths and order a single custom length roll. Add a few feet for cutting and measuring mistakes, etc.

Poly-Rite® Adhesive is a "semi-permanent" adhesive with a coverage of about 200 square feet per gallon. This is an excellent semi-permanent adhesive. It can be replaced with a heavy duty clear or clay removable vinyl wallpaper adhesive found at any professional paint and wall paper store.

Opti-Rite® 1 dry erase wall covering can ship by UPS and is a Trademark of OptiMA, Inc. Poly-Rite® is a Registered Trademark of Marsh Industries Inc.

*Professional installation by a qualified wall paper installer is recommended for this product.

Accessory Items:

Order custom length rolls of Opti-Rite® 1. To get a custom length roll simply enter the length you need in the box. Minimum length roll is 4' - Maximum length roll is 100'. Requires adhesive for installation.

Price: $30.00
Enter Length: (in feet)

Clay based semi-permanent adhesive covers 250 S.F.
Primer Recommended

Sale Price $29.95
Reg. Price: $39.95

White Acrylic Primer & Sizing. Promotes Easier Stripping
1 Gallon

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