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Magna Visual 12 Month Magnetic Planning Calendar Kits

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Twelve Month Magnetic Kits
Twelve Month Magnetic Kits

Twelve month dry erase calendar kits from Magna Visual. The image shown to the right is the extra large 48" x 72" calendar.

These twelve month calendar kits are very popular and used in schools as a yearly planning schedule. They are also an extremely effective tool for offices and manufacturing facilities as yearly planners, scheduling tools and calendars.

Perpetual, magnetic calendars let you see all the dates of a single month or the entire year at a glance allowing you to react to change, spot problems and avoid conflicts. They are very easy to maintain because they're magnetic so you can arrange and rearrange dates quickly and neatly by just moving the magnetic indicators. There is a collection of colorful write-on, wipe-off, magnetic ribbons that make your dry erase calendar have even more flexibility.

The magnetic calendar kit includes: framed white magnetic dry erase calendar with aluminum trim and hanging hardware, magnetic date & monthly headings, colored write-on magnetic strips that can be written on with a damp erase marker, magnetic triangle weekend block-outs & wet erase marking pens. Everything you need to complete your magnetic wall calendar boards.

MV-AC-4836 - 48" tall x 36" wide whiteboard calendar. Months are listed across the top of the board and numbers 1-31 are listed down each side of the board. Each Date box is 1 7/16" tall x 2 3/4" wide. The Kit Has 100 of the 1/2" x 2" Data Card Holders, 100 of the 1" x 2" Data Card Holders & and 500 Data Cards.

MV-AC-4872 - 48" tall x 72" wide twelve month dry erase calendar. (Picture shown above) This calendar board has the months listed down the side of the board and the numbers 1 to 31 across the top. Each Date box is 3 3/4" tall x 2 1/8" wide.. The Kit Has 150 of the 1/2" x 2" Data Card Holders, 150 of the 1" x 2" Data Card Holders & and 500 Data Cards.

An ideal master planning calendar for office, student activities, athletic schedules - a perfect date reminder to coordinate activities and get people working together. Helps everyone make best the use of their time, and eliminates lost notes.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
MV-AC-483648"Tall x 36" WideTruck38 lbs$375.00
MV-AC-487248'' Tall x 72'' WideTruck74 lbs$582.75

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