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Porcelain Steel Magnetic Dry Erase Panels

Magnetic Dry Erase Panels

Our best 28 Ga unframed magnetic dry erase panels and chalkboard panels. Porcelain steel writing surfaces on 1/2" particle board. Each panel is lined with a Mylar Backing. Available in dry erase, black and green chalkboard writing surfaces.

This is the same material used in our top of the line dry erase boards. You can cut these porcelain steel panels in the field. Use a 60 tooth carbide tipped saw blade and cut through them slowly. Let the saw do the work. The edges will be rough because the porcelain will chip but that gets covered by your trim so it shouldn't be an issue.

You can opt to have the factory cut the materials for you. There is a variance factor of +/- 1/4". To figure your cost find the board that your custom size can be cut from and add 30%.

These panels are meant to be framed. The edges may be rough and there is no way to install the panels without some kind of trim or frame being attached.

If you are looking for panels to adhere to your walls without trims, etc. you may want to look in our "Full Height Walls" section, at our "Peel and Stick" panels or at our "Frameless White Painted Edge Boards".

Please note: All porcelain steel panels, cut or whole are considered a custom item. They cannot be returned. Thank you!

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