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Marsh Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards with Oak Trim

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Oak Framed Vinyl Bulletin Boards
Oak Framed Vinyl Bulletin BoardsOak Framed Vinyl Bulletin BoardsOak Framed Vinyl Bulletin BoardsOak Framed Vinyl Bulletin BoardsOak Framed Vinyl Bulletin Boards

Marsh vinyl covered bulletin boards with solid oak frames. Our vinyl covered bulletin boards come with a smooth 15 oz. class A vinyl covering over 1/2" fiberboard.

    Special Volume Discounts:
  • Order 2-3 Units of the Same Size and get an additional 5% Discount on those units
  • Order 4 or more Units of the Same Size and get an additional 10% Discount on those units
  • Units must be the same size and shipping to the same location to get the discount
The frame is a beautiful furniture quality red oak that will enhance their appeal to interior designers and the most picky boss.

Oak framed vinyl covered bulletin boards 33 1/2" x 45 1/2" and smaller have a trim that is 1 1/4" wide. Units 4' x 4' and larger will have a 2" wide face trim.

Each oak framed vinyl covered bulletin board comes with hangers installed on three corners to allow vertical or horizontal installation. Marsh offers vinyl covered bulletin boards in ten attractive colors. Each tack board is individually packaged and shipped with installation hardware.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Size: 2' Tall x 3' Wide
MI-WF-203-02CottonUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-06NaturalUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-15Sky BlueUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-16PlatinumUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-17PacificUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-18TurquoiseUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-20PersimmonUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-21Cherry JubileeUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-23Tree TopUPS18 lbs$88.46
MI-WF-203-24SterlingUPS18 lbs$88.46
Size: 33 1/2" Tall x 45 1/2" Wide
MI-WF-304-02CottonUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-06NaturalUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-15Sky BlueUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-16PlatinumUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-17PacificUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-18TurquoiseUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-20PersimmonUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-21Cherry JubileeUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-23Tree TopUPS39 lbs$124.46
MI-WF-304-24SterlingUPS39 lbs$124.46
Size: 4' Tall x 4' Wide
MI-WF-404-02CottonTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-06NaturalTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-15Sky BlueTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-16PlatinumTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-17PacificTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-18TurquoiseTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-20PersimmonTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-21Cherry JubileeTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-23Tree TopTruck26 lbs$269.96
MI-WF-404-24SterlingTruck26 lbs$269.96
Size: 4' Tall x 6' Wide
MI-WF-406-02CottonTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-06NaturalTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-15Sky BlueTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-16PlatinumTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-17PacificTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-18TurquoiseTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-20PersimmonTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-21Cherry JubileeTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-23Tree TopTruck40 lbs$290.96
MI-WF-406-24SterlingTruck40 lbs$290.96
Size: 4' Tall x 8' Wide
MI-WF-408-02CottonTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-06NaturalTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-15Sky BlueTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-16PlatinumTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-17PacificTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-18TurquoiseTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-20PersimmonTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-21Cherry JubileeTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-23Tree TopTruck53 lbs$338.21
MI-WF-408-24SterlingTruck53 lbs$338.21
Size: 4' Tall x 10' Wide
MI-WF-410-02CottonTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-06NaturalTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-15Sky BlueTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-16PlatinumTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-17PacificTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-18TurquoiseTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-20PersimmonTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-21Cherry JubileeTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-23Tree TopTruck73 lbs$419.21
MI-WF-410-24SterlingTruck73 lbs$419.21
Size: 4' Tall x 12' Wide
MI-WF-412-02CottonTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-06NaturalTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-15Sky BlueTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-16PlatinumTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-17PacificTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-18TurquoiseTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-20PersimmonTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-21Cherry JubileeTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-23Tree TopTruck84 lbs$474.71
MI-WF-412-24SterlingTruck84 lbs$474.71

  • Vinyl Covered Bulletin Boards
  • Manufactured by Marsh Industries
  • Vinyl fabric covering 1/2" fiberboard
  • 1.25" Oak Wood Trim on Smaller Boards
  • 2" Oak Wood Trim on boards 4' x 4' and larger
  • L-Clip Installation hardware included
  • 10 Fabric colors to choose from
  • If color match is critical, we recommend that you request a free fabric sample before ordering
  • Units are considered custom
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Product ships from Ohio
  • School purchase orders accepted
  • Lead Time: Normally 10-12 business days.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including, wood dust which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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