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Self-Adhesive Opti-Rite® Installation Instructions

Before you start your wall or non-porous surface should be as clean and as smooth as possible. A dilution of household bleach and water makes an excellent cleaner and degreaser. Make any repairs to cracks and fill any holes with a non-shrinking spackle. Lightly sand smooth any bumps or imperfections on the surface as these may telegraph through the Opti-Rite® material.

Use of an acrylic primer is recommended to insure a proper adhesion and easier release when it comes time to remove the materials.

If the wall is new or has been recently painted, allow enough time for the dry wall and or the paint to fully dry and cure. Curing times vary and can be weeks long. Refer to the paint manufacturer for more information. Covering the wall with Opti-Rite® before the wall has a chance to fully cure may result in air bubbles forming long after installation.

  • Two people are recommended for installation of any Opti-Rite® product
  • Please be sure to read all of these instructions prior to starting your installation.
  • Use a steady pressure when installing but not too much pressure as this may stretch the material
  • Be careful not to kink or crease the material as damage may be permanent
  • The smoother the application surface, the better the application

If you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service dept. at 866-366-1500 before beginning installation.

Step 1.

Measure twice, cut once. If you have purchased a bulk roll of Opti-Rite® begin by measuring out the amount of material you wish to install. Double check your measurement and by using a long straight edge trim the material to size. You can add a little extra length of material and trim once the material is installed. Standard size rolls are shipped to the exact length but you should double check the measurement of the roll before you begin just to be sure.

Step 2.

Using a level and pencil measure and lightly mark where the top edge of the Opti-Rite® will be installed. Mark just above where it will hang so that no pencil marks will show through after installation.

Step 3.

Unroll Opti-Rite material and secure it onto the wall using painter's tape. The release liner is still attached to the back of the material. Make sure that you are lining up just under your pencil marks. Tape corners of Opti-Rite® and tape vertically down the center. Now from the center line, tape across the top and bottom of one half of the material. (See fig 1.)

The un-taped side will be the first portion to be adhered to the wall. Double check placement of material to ensure that it is level and placed properly. The tape down the center will act like a hinge with one half of the material fixed to the wall while the other half will be free to be worked with.

Step 4.

Pull back the half of material that is not taped across the top and carefully peel back the release liner to the center point of the material. (See Fig. 2) Using scissors trim off the peeled liner and carefully wipe the wall to make sure that there isn't any residue or dust from cutting the liner.

*Important: Do not use water with Opti-Rite® Ultra™, Easy™, Lite™ or Clear™. These materials are installed dry.

With one person holding the far corners of the peeled material work the material onto the wall from the center out, to the top and bottom, applying light pressure at this point. (See Fig. 3) Work across in this manner making sure that you are smoothing out any air bubbles. Continue this process to the edge where the second person is holding the material. Now using squeegee repeat this process to gently work out any air bubbles.

Step 5.

Tape the top edge of the material that you just applied and remove the tape from the top edge of the material that still has the backing on it. Peel off the remaining release liner making sure not to peel off too much of the material that was just installed. Repeat previous step to install this side. Remember to gently work out any bubbles at first lightly with your hand and a soft cloth and then with the squeegee.

Of course if you have any problems at all we're here to help. Please contact one of our Dry Erase Experts at 866-366-1500 for assistance.

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