Colored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker Boards

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Colored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker Boards
Colored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker BoardsColored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker BoardsColored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker BoardsColored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker BoardsColored Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Marker Boards

Colored magnetic glass dry erase marker boards. It's time to really modernize your space with a fully functional and contemporary, colorful magnetic glass dry erase marker board.

An exceptional dry erase writing surface that is smooth and sleek with no frames and completely seamless. Created with tempered safety glass these colorful dry erase boards are a welcome addition in any environment. The writing surface is compatible with any dry erase or wet erase markers and the surface will erase clean every time without ghosting.

The colored glass surface is also magnetic receptive and will accept light magnetic accessories or rare earth type magnets. Each unit ships with a set of rare earth magnets and an aluminum accessory tray.

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Sale Price
Choose Color: Blue
BR-838C-44-B35.43" H x 47.24" W BlueTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-B47.24" H x 70.87" W BlueTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-B47.24" H x 94.49" W BlueTruck104 lbs$526.00
Choose Color: Green
BR-838C-44-G35.43" H x 47.24" W GreenTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-G47.24" H x 70.87" W GreenTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-G47.24" H x 94.49" W GreenTruck104 lbs$526.00
Choose Color: Hierarchy Red
BR-838C-44-R35.43" H x 47.24" W RedTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-R47.24" H x 70.87" W RedTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-R47.24" H x 94.49" W RedTruck104 lbs$526.00
Choose Color: Yellow
BR-838C-44-Y35.43" H x 47.24" W YellowTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-Y47.24" H x 70.87" W YellowTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-Y47.2" H x 94.5" W YellowTruck104 lbs$526.00
Choose Color: Orange
BR-838C-44-O35.43" H x 47.24" W OrangeTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-O47.24" H x 70.87" W OrangeTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-O47.2" H x 94.5" W OrangeTruck104 lbs$526.00
Choose Color: Navy
BR-838C-44-N35.43" H x 47.24" W NavyTruck42 lbs$220.00
BR-838C-45-N47.24" H x 70.87" W NavyTruck79 lbs$414.00
BR-838C-46-N47.2" H x 94.5" W NavyTruck104 lbs$526.00

  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Light magnetic glass dry erase writing surface Rare earth magnets work best
  • Available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange or Navy
  • Three Board Sizes
  • Compatible with any dry or damp erase marker
  • Product Weights: 42 lbs., 79 lbs. and 104 lbs.
  • Fifty Year Limited Warranty
  • Ships with accessory tray, set of magnets and includes installation hardware
  • These Magnetic Glass Accessories will work with this unit
  • Lead-Time: 5 working days to ship from the factory. Add transit time to your location
  • Product is ineligible for our Free Shipping Program.
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