Custom Printed Vinyl with Dry Erase Surface

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Custom Printed Dry Erase Vinyls
Custom Printed Dry Erase VinylsCustom Printed Dry Erase VinylsCustom Printed Dry Erase VinylsCustom Printed Dry Erase VinylsCustom Printed Dry Erase Vinyls

Custom printed dry erase vinyl. Custom printed peel and stick, self-adhesive vinyl with our exclusive clear dry erase writing surface.

This is a very similar product to the OptiPrint™ dry erase vinyl that we use to create our framed custom printed magnetic and printed non-magnetic dry boards. These are the printed dry erase vinyls only without any type of substrate, frame or marker tray. They can be used to resurface an existing dry erase board or they can be permanently mounted onto any smooth flat surface and used as a custom dry erase board.

Semi-permanent adhesive: Each vinyl print has a simple peel-and-stick self adhesive backing with a semi-permanent adhesive. The longer the print remains adhered to the surface the longer the adhesive will have a chance to set up and bond stronger and stronger. For this reason we do not recommend applying these printed dry erase vinyls directly onto any wall since over time they will become very difficult to remove without damaging the surface.

Application: For the best results using a wet application method with a proper sign squeegee is preferred. Larger prints may require a hinge application. Support the print carefully at all times while handling so that you don't create any creases as they may be difficult if not impossible to get out.

SizeShipping MethodShipping
GR-OP-240362'x3'UPS5 lbs$48.00
GR-OP-360483'x4'UPS5 lbs$90.00
GR-OP-480484'x4'UPS5 lbs$120.00
GR-OP-480604'x5'UPS5 lbs$150.00
GR-OP-480724'x6'UPS5 lbs$180.00
GR-OP-480964'x8'UPS5 lbs$240.00

Product Specifications:
  • Custom Printed Vinyl
  • Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Backing
  • Semi-Permanent Adhesive
  • Not recommended for wall applications
  • Any standard size can be reversed
  • Hinge / Wet Application Method is Recommended
  • Color or Black & White - Same Price
  • No minimum run quantities
  • 5 Year Total Erase Warranty
  • Can be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Use soft clean cloth to erase. We recommend Opti-Wipes™ Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Do not use any type of scrubbing sponge or bristle erasers on the writing surface. Damage may occur
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Quick turn-around time

Acceptable Art Files:

For Layout (grid board files and similar) In the absence of a vector layout we may use Excel, PowerPoint, Word or even a hand drawn images. The important thing to remember when sending these files is to check and see if the drawing is to scale (preferred) and/or is there a good description of what you want.

Best File Options:

For Graphics, Images, Logos etc.
    Vector files
  • .ai (adobe illustrator)
  • .eps
    Other File Options, Non-Vector
  • .jpg - Usually acceptable if high resolution files
  • .tif - Usually acceptable if high resolution files

Important! If these files contain any logos/graphics they should be sent in a separate file. (See above.)

For Floor Plans, Schematics and Maps

  • Vector files (see above)
  • .dwg (Cad files)

Unacceptable files

  • Scans
  • Patches
  • Letterhead
  • Photocopies
  • Fax
  • Hand drawn
  • Licensed or Copyrighted files, images or designs that you do not legally own or have written permission to use

Sending Your Art File: You can email your art file at this address: Send Artwork.

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By rich
carlstadt nj
July 5, 2018
great product
Product works great and service was the best. Heather and the team can't be beat. Rich M