portable freestanding boards

Portable Freestanding Boards

A free standing whiteboard on wheels can add versatility to any room. If room constraints are preventing you from using a wall mounted dry erase board then a portable free standing whiteboard is a great alternative. Because the units are on wheels they're completely portable so they can be moved from room to room or even simply from one side of the room to other. Rolling whiteboards or free standing whiteboards offer flexibility and functionality. Our selection of rolling whiteboards includes boards with a variety of features, finishes, sizes and surface options. We help you find a board that works in terms of functionality and we can also make sure that it matches the look of your room. The quality on these mobile whiteboards is top notch, these boards have strong frames made of quality materials and extra bracing to provide a sturdy portable writing surface. Extra additional full length braces and other smart design features prevent these units from becoming wobbly and or unstable. All of our wheeled boards feature quality locking casters so your board will stay in place while you are using it. The mobility and flexibility that a rolling whiteboard offers is unmatched. Now, you can take a presentation with you into any room to make an ad-hoc conference room; roll the whiteboard to the classroom that needs it that day; wheel your board to the warehouse floor for a meeting. Your use of these portable white boards is only limited by your imagination. We're certain that these boards will help you unlock a wealth of new presentation options and ideas.