Magnetic Dry Erase Boards with Horizontal Lines

Lined Boards

OptiMA™ magnetic dry erase boards with horizontal lines printed onto the writing surface.

How many times have you wished that your marker boards had lines printed on them so you could simply write in a straight line? You can use these boards for just that purpose but they are really more effective for making your own custom scheduling boards. Its really easy. Since the horizontal lines are permanently printed onto the writing surface all you have to do is add the vertical lines. You can do this by either just drawing the lines with a marker or you can use our vinyl chart tapes to create the various sized columns.

We offer four common sizes so your can create your own custom planning or scheduling board that really suits your needs. The row heights are either 1" or 2" tall and on all of the different board sizes you can order the rows in either a solid white or in a variegated design where every other row is a slight light gray color. This makes following the rows and or columns across the board much easier. Variegated rows are just another OptiMA exclusive product option made to make your jobs easier.

We can customize any lined dry erase board to suit your needs. Just contact customer service for assistance.

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