Magnetic Dry Erase on Both Sides

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Magnetic Dry Erase Surface
Magnetic Dry Erase SurfaceMagnetic Dry Erase SurfaceMagnetic Dry Erase Surface

Magnetic reversible dry erase board from OptiMA Inc. This is our best magnetic dry erase writing surface on both sides of this sturdy American made portable dry erase board.

This is one of the best built portable dry erase boards available on the market today. These units are easy to put together and any tools needed are actually included with the unit in shipping.

Four casters of which two are free-wheeling while the other two have locking mechanisms come with each unit. There is a full-length wide marker tray and there are locks on the bottom of the board which prevent the board from moving around while you're trying to use it. Most other brands of portable boards do not offer this simple but important feature.

The most popular size is the 4' x 6' which is a quick ship item. The 4' x 6' model leaves the factory in as little as 2 to 3 working days. The other models will ship from the factory in about 10 to 12 working days.

Item Code Board Size Ships Weight
MI-RA-C-34 3' x 4' Reversible Truck 43 lbs.
MI-RA-C-45 3½'x 5' Reversible Truck 71 lbs.
MI-RA-C-46 4' x 6' Reversible Truck 85 lbs.
MI-RA-C-48 4' x 8' Non-Reversible Truck 107 lbs.

    Product Specifications:
  • Magnetic dry erase surface
  • 50 Year Life-time warranty on the writing surfaces.
  • Same Dry Erase writing surface on front and back.
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction.
  • 4x6 is a Quick Ship Model
  • 4x8 is non-reversible. Unit can Not flip over.
  • Assembly tools included.
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.