Complete Magnetic Planning and Scheduling Kits

Magnetic Planning Kits

Magnetic dry erase planning and scheduling kits help you and your office to stay organized. These dry erase planning kits are a great scheduling tool for the office or the plant floor.

There are some planning kits that use a magnetic data card holder and colored data card inserts. Other kits rely on a write-on / wipe-off colored magnetic strip that use a damp erase marker vs. a dry erase marker. Select the kit that works best for you.

Category Contents
Magnetic Planning Kits with Data Cards
Magnetic Card Holders, Colored Data card inserts, Day, date, Month Headings. Create your own schedule
$134.00 - $719.00
Magnetic Planning Kit  Write-On / Wipe-Off Magnets
Write-on/Wipe-off colored magnetic strips, magnetic headings, indicators, and markers.
$224.00 - $692.00
Magnetic Scheduling Boards
Great for assignments & schedules. Kit includes: 18 horizontal & 18 vertical magnetic strips, 20 magnetic indicators, 1 marker.
$228.16 - $401.84
Changeable Magnetic Planner Kit
Lined Board Kits - Create your own Schedules and Charts with this complete system.
$125.00 - $719.00
1 Review
Modular Magnetic Calendar
Create a magnetic planning calendar one month at a time. Panels slide in and out.
$310.50 - $364.50