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Outdoor Directory Letter Boards

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Enclosed Letter Boards

Outdoor directory letter boards. built for use outdoors in the weather and elements. These outdoor changeable letter boards come with an attractive satin anodized aluminum case, locking doors, weather resistant vinyl grooved letter boards and shatter resistant windows.

    Special Volume Discounts:
  • Order 2-3 Units of the Same Size and get an additional 5% Discount on those units
  • Order 4 or more Units of the Same Size and get an additional 10% Discount on those units
  • Units must be the same size and shipping to the same location to get the discount
There are differences between enclosed letter boards for indoor use and outdoor letter boards. The backing on the cabinet is sealed with a special silicone sealant and there are also special ventilation holes installed into the wall of the cabinet to allow for airflow and drainage.

Outdoor enclosed directory boards also have a vinyl fabric backing where the indoor letter boards will use a black felt fabric backing. You have the option of up-grading the interior of your outdoor letter boards by adding a colored vinyl backing other than the standard black color at no additional charge.

This product ships from Milwaukee, WI and is not eligible for our Free Shipping Program.

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Sale Price
Size: 18"W x 24"H - 1 Door
UV-D-1166-19Black LicoriceUPS23 lbs$431.96
UV-D-1166-28Hunter GreenUPS23 lbs$431.96
UV-D-1166-47Barcelona BlueUPS23 lbs$431.96
UV-D-1166-53BurgundyUPS23 lbs$431.96
UV-D-1166-70GrayUPS23 lbs$431.96
Size: 24"W x 36"H - 1 Door
UV-D-1160-19Black LicoriceUPS27 lbs$517.56
UV-D-1160-28Hunter GreenUPS27 lbs$517.56
UV-D-1160-47Barcelona BlueUPS27 lbs$517.56
UV-D-1160-53BurgundyUPS27 lbs$517.56
UV-D-1160-70GrayUPS27 lbs$517.56
Size: 42"W x 32"H - 2 Doors
UV-D-1160-5-19Black LicoriceTruck40 lbs$524.00
UV-D-1160-5-28Hunter GreenTruck40 lbs$524.00
UV-D-1160-5-47Barcelona BlueTruck40 lbs$524.00
UV-D-1160-5-53BurgundyTruck40 lbs$524.00
UV-D-1160-5-70GrayTruck40 lbs$524.00
Size: 48"W x 36"H - 2 Doors
UV-D-1161-19Black LicoriceTruck48 lbs$937.56
UV-D-1161-28Hunter GreenTruck48 lbs$937.56
UV-D-1161-47Barcelona BlueTruck48 lbs$937.56
UV-D-1161-53BurgundyTruck48 lbs$937.56
UV-D-1161-70GrayTruck48 lbs$937.56
Size: 60"W x 36"H - 2 Doors
UV-D-1162-19Black LicoriceTruck65 lbs$1,124.76
UV-D-1162-28Hunter GreenTruck65 lbs$1,124.76
UV-D-1162-47Barcelona BlueTruck65 lbs$1,124.76
UV-D-1162-53BurgundyTruck65 lbs$1,124.76
UV-D-1162-70GrayTruck65 lbs$1,124.76
Size: 72"W x 36"H - 3 Doors
UV-D-1163-19Black LicoriceTruck75 lbs$1,428.76
UV-D-1163-28Hunter GreenTruck75 lbs$1,428.76
UV-D-1163-47Barcelona BlueTruck75 lbs$1,428.76
UV-D-1163-53BurgundyTruck75 lbs$1,428.76
UV-D-1163-70GrayTruck75 lbs$1,428.76
Size: 72"W x 48"H - 3 Doors
UV-D-1164-19Black LicoriceTruck84 lbs$1,585.56
UV-D-1164-28Hunter GreenTruck84 lbs$1,585.56
UV-D-1164-47Barcelona BlueTruck84 lbs$1,585.56
UV-D-1164-53BurgundyTruck84 lbs$1,585.56
UV-D-1164-70GrayTruck84 lbs$1,585.56

  • One lock per door, 2 keys included.
  • Set of 290 3/4" Helvetica font numbers and letters included.
  • Six vinyl colors to select from.
  • Custom sizes available. Call for Quote.
  • 1" master frame, 1 7/16" door frame and 2" overall depth.
  • Outside depth increases to 3 1/8" to accommodate optional 2" lawn mount post if selected.
  • Locking doors with shatter resistant windows.
  • Additional letters and number sets sold separately.
  • Quick ship models must be standard black and cannot have optional lawn mount kit.
  • Model 1166 and 1160 will ship in 3 working days and Model 1161 will ship in 5 working days.
  • Ships from Milwaukee, WI
  • Product is ineligible for our Free Shipping Program
  • Ships from Milwaukee, WI
  • Product is ineligible for our Free Shipping Program

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