Sunburst™ Colored Dry Erase Boards

Sunburst Colored Dry Erase Boards

Introducing Sunburst™ from OptiMA™. Sunburst™ is a line of colorful dry erase boards designed to add life to any classroom or office space.

Bright, cheerful colors inspire creativity. Color can also be helpful in creating a more relaxed environment in which to work and learn. Why settle for a plain white, institutional looking whiteboard? There's no need. Add some color to your life.

Color options include Mango Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Avocado Green. Other colors include Caribbean Blue, Coral Red and Teal Blue. What about custom colors? Sure, we can create almost any color you want.

Made with our exclusive Prism-Lock™ technology. A method that fuses the colors into the writing surface. They become one in the same to create an almost impenetrable and long lasting surface. Fade resistant, chemical resistant and scratch resistant.

Magnetic. The surface produces an excellent dry erase writing surface and it's magnetic! Unlike magnetic glass boards, you don't need any special magnets. Any magnet will work.

Sunburst™ color fusion dry erase boards made only for Made in the USA.

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