Framed Wall Mounted Chalkboards

Framed Wall Mounted Chalkboards

We have three different grades of framed chalkboard writing surfaces to choose from depending on your needs. You also have the option between aluminum and oak frames for your board. We are sure that we have the right chalkboard for you.

Composition Chalkboards are our most economical chalkboard. The composition chalkboard is favored as a restaurant menu board or specials boards in the supermarket because they look good and are economically priced. The composition board has a two-coat, painted chalkboard surface that is available in either green or black. This board is recommended for light or infrequent use.

HPL chalkboards are a non-magnetic chalkboard that stands up to heavy usage, they even come with a 25 year writing surface warranty. These green chalkboards are an excellent economic alternative for schools on a budget or if you don't need the magnetic abilities of the Porcelain Steel magnetic chalkboards.

Porcelain steel magnetic chalkboards the most durable chalkboards are also magnetic receptive allowing you to post notes, pictures or whatever else you want just like a bulletin board. Our OptiMA magnetic chalkboards are the best option for schools because they can stand up to everyday use and the abuse that a classroom environment can put on a chalkboard. Additionally the smooth porcelain steel chalkboard writing surface tends to create much less dust than a composition board or an old slate chalkboard.

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